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I wrote, “My targeted audience respecting my Marxist perspectives consists of politically unaffiliated young people and disillusioned liberals…” In reaction, Jack O’Connor wrote, “It has become obvious that this is what happened to you. As a youth, you were fed this dangerous propaganda and still believe it to this day. Thankfully you are in no position to be harmful to the masses…”

I was born in the 1950s to a business owning and politically conservative family. So the dangerous propaganda fed to me consisted of writers, such as William F. Buckley, and publications like the American Spectator. As such, I became a member of the Republican Party at the age of 18, and I remained so until the age of 24. I was, in all respects, a typical Republican; racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, hawkish, etc.

As for O’Connor’s affirmation that I am “in no position to be harmful to the masses” — to my fellow working-class brothers and sisters, he is quite right. What I am, politically speaking, is an anonymous dissident voice in the crowd of individuals who have long struggled to supplant the now wholly antisocial capitalist order with a socialist and thus just social arrangement.

Moreover, social movements have forever been dependent upon the small contributions of millions of unacknowledged individuals. Be it the struggle for the eight-hour workday or, say, the various antiwar movements, no such effort has ever come to fruition without the work of the many who have toiled in anonymity. Or as Margaret Mead wrote, “Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded by, guided by, motivated and seen through the passions of individuals.”  

I do agree with O’Connor that Marxist thought is threatening. That is why capitalist society works so diligently to suppress it.

Guy Marsh


One nation,

one team

I have been following the US Women’s National Team since 1995, and am thrilled with their USWNT’s in the World Cup, making it four overall. Megan Rapinoe won the Golden Boot for most goals, which is a trophy you truly have to earn (and well deserved).

Alex Morgan showed a lot of grit as she was hammered by defenders throughout the tournament.

Crystal Dunn, a natural midfielder who had struggled on defense in the run-up to the Cup, played a magnificent series. Rose Lavelle was steady throughout and rose to the occasion in the final.

Alyssa Naeher quieted the doubters in goal. And Jill Ellis cemented her status as a top-flight women’s soccer coach. Greatness all around.

I was unhappy with some of the over-the-top celebrating. The U.S. has won four world cups since 1995, and this is their second in a row so their wins were not exactly startling. But they showed dignity and class after the final.

As to Rapinoe’s “I’m not going to the (expletive) White House” and not putting her hand over her heart at the National Anthem, only this: Unlike ordinary teams in ordinary games, the USWNT plays for our country.

All of our country, blue states and red states. At the start of every match our captain exchanges a flag with the opposing team’s captain; on that flag is written “One Nation, One Team.”

I think the players should honor that sentiment in all respects so long as they are on the team. They do not represent themselves as individuals, they represent our country. All of it. Including the White House, regardless of who occupies it. So yes: President Trump should act like an adult and invite the team, and the entire team should go. One nation, one team.

Morgan Spector


Last to get help

Thank you for you letter, Patricia Wick, about poverty among Native Americans.  

According to the website “Opportunity Nation,” the median income for Native Americans is $33,267, poverty rate is 25.3 percent, and 29.9 percent have no health insurance.  

The unemployment rate in the Blackfoot Nation in Montana is 69 percent. Some tribes have casinos that generate income, but many nations have nothing.

These are the people we should help first, but they are the last people to receive help. No one cares that they are as much in need as the people at the border.

Jeanie Stephens


Stepping stones

The only proposal I hear from the Democrats is that they will step over every homeless US citizen to give illegal aliens everything.

Gerardo Hernandez


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