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Does anyone know?

I get the paper every day and every day I am amazed at the concentration of crime in Lancaster.  

Most of it seems to be in one area. Around the downtown area, Lancaster Blvd., Sierra Highway.  

I’m wondering, are these the same people most of the time? Are these homeless people, panhandlers, mentally ill people, people passing through? Maybe this isn’t a safe area.  

Is anyone doing anything to reduce the constant crime there? It also seems like there is a certain area in Lake LA  that is having problems. Can anyone shed some light on these problem areas?

Barbara Richardson     


Where does the cash come from?

Central American newspapers run ads for people-smugglers. Where do these “impoverished” peons get the $3,000 to be smuggled in for asylum?

Will Brown

Canyon Country

No place for politics

Recent VP writers have been critical of the conditions at the US-Mexican border.   

Most notably at the Clint, Texas immigrant detention facility. I too an concerned about the conditions there but after a lot of research I have learned a lot about the border.

First, the border situation is not new. We have been plagued by illegal crossings  the borders for a long time. It is no one’s fault but politics and casting blame doesn’t help.

Second, the southern border is swamped with people trying to cross to the United States. There is no border facility that can properly handle the numbers of people being detained. The Clint, Texas facility was originally designed for 100 adult males and is forced to process far more than that.

Third, the conditions at the border are not ideal and the facilities are crowded but no one expected the numbers of families with children.  Even in those crowed conditions, most of the illegals are in better shape than where they came from.   

They have air conditioning, plenty of food, medical care, clean clothes, shower and hygiene facilities.  The claim that some were drinking from toilets was a lie and the border patrol has shown the toilet facilities in question.

Clint, Texas in a drought area and the unit that contains the sink, water source has a fold down toilet and is used for water conservation and is commonly used in other detention facilities. The drinking water is pure clean water and is separate from the toilet and wash water.

Politics has no place in this border issue but we just cannot just let them all just walk in. Human kindness and a willingness by all member of congress to act will help solve the problems.

Jim Gardner


Americans first

Saw the presidents Fourth of July speech, waited not long for the usual stupidity to come out of the mouths of the Socialcrats that we so foolishly elected.

Point #1: The cost of the use of the military is the same as if they were not there, but on base, or even on leave. Fuel would be used in the same amounts as training does not stop on holidays. If any of them had ever served, they would know that.

Next, the economy is way up and will stay strong. Why anyone would say wrongly, that its not doing well, I cannot understand that.

As for illegals, let’s do what we should. Take care of Americans first. When our homeless, mentally ill, under educated are being helped, not turned away or jailed, then we can focus on helping those who come here legally, have a better life. The wise Democrat who runs on that promise will get slots of votes. Sadly, that person is not thrown his or her hat in the ring.

Great fireworks, music show no PBS! God Bless America!

Skip Thacker


Fact or fiction?

Read interesting article in another Antelope Valley publication other day, written by gentlemen named Joe Wallek who is a Board trustee with Tehachapi Unified School District.  

He reviewed a history textbook for the 11th grade named “The American Pageant.” The book was already reviewed and recommended for adoption by the Tehachapi high school teaching staff.

Mr. Wallek began by reviewing the last chapter of the book regarding President Trump he said read and reread many times and couldn’t believe it. He says “what masquerades itself as a history textbook is in fact a liberal, agenda driven textbook, culminating with a personal hate filled assault on the president of the United states. Regardless of political preference, Indoctrination or bias of any kind, should not be part of any textbook used by this district.”

Some of the aspersions against President Trump from this chapter:

1. “he hijacked the Republican nomination”

2. “a swaggering colossus of ignorance, vanity and vulgarity”

3. “a sexual predator” guilty of “sexual misconduct”

4. “cavalier disregard for the facts”

5. “thrice married”

6. “the most unprepared and least qualified person to be president”

7. “dumbfounded … impulsive … crass … mercurial”

8. “slimed his fellow Republicans “

9. “shambolic leadership style”

10. “incapable of keeping a lid on hi Id”

11. “unbridled ego”

12. “tweet tantrums”

13. “Trumps America First agenda,  puts at risk the peace and prosperity of the entire planet”

The School Board did not approve the textbook.

Steve Brewer


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Skip: YOU ROCK!!! You nailed the facts. I served 30 years. Got news every 4th Jul the 1st In Div would hold Sun Down Salute. This portrayed the history of the Army involved close to 5000 troops. About 100 vehicles, over 100 aircraft and included Invited Canadian Armed forces units. U'RE 1000% right

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