No apology

Your January 12 letter was strike 3 David Cooper. Guy Marsh, Patricia Jensen and the others need not apologize for writing accurate things about Trump. He is the source of the “bad things” that others describe.

Con man Trump paid millions in fines and restitutions after the government shut down his sham “university” and charity.

Pathological liar. On Day 1 he lied about the size of his inauguration crowd and had his press secretary repeat the lie. He’s lied over 15,000 times so far according to the Washington Post fact checkers.

Trump is a moron, i.e., a stupid person. He doesn’t know how the government works. He claims Article II says he can do anything he wants. He thinks the attorney general is his own private attorney. He’s ignorant of the Constitution, if he’s even read it.

Serial sexual assaulter. On tape he said he grabbed women. At least 17 women have accused him of sexual misconduct.

Those are the facts.

And, so on. In your fact-free universe, David Cooper, saying truthful “bad things” about Trump requires an apology. Ridiculous.

You’re out!

Bill Pappas


The king is dead part two

Yes, sadly, the king is dead. I don’t refer to “Elvis the Pelvis,” but rather to Mr. King aka the California King Snake.

Mr. King was run over by a car, while trying to cross the street. This happened on the very day my article came out in the AV Press (June 16, 2017), titled “A request to leave harmless snakes alone.”

In this article, I said something about stopping for snakes to cross the road.

Why didn’t you stop? Why did you run over Mr. King, a snake that protected us against rats, mice and gophers. He also protects us against rattlesnakes.

Yes, I said rattlesnakes. Yes, you killed our friend protector. We need to respect all snakes. Yes, even the rattlesnake. Yes, all snakes play their part on the stage of life — nature.

Yes, let us respect all snakes. Just think what the world would be like without snakes.

We couldn’t take a step without stepping on rats and mice.

Yes, be thankful for our friends who crawl across the land.

Yes, snakes have a part to play in nature. I say, you don’t have to love them, but do respect them.

Yes, snakes benefit mankind.

Douglas Valpey


Build the ‘utopia’

Where is all that money going that the State of California said it needed to repair the bridges that were going to fall down, roads crumbling, signs deteriorating all over the State?

In the southern portion of Lancaster I really don’t see any improvement. I know the governor robbed the fund for climate change nonsense.

Ave M, N and much of the west side roads are past repairing.

I did notice the state is spending billions on roads near Sacramento and north.

Could it be that the big spenders in Sacramento take care of their area first?

Please hold on to your wallet so Sacramento clowns don’t take it all. Someone needs to build the Utopia, right?

Rory Stilson


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