Don’t be surprised

The voting rights of the citizens of the United States are covered by the XIVth and  XXIVth Amendment to the Constitution.

However nowhere does it pacifically state that if a citizen chooses to not vote that he can be removed from the voters list. Wisconsin and Georgia are currently doing this.

Even the Voting Rights Act of 1963-64 does not approach the problem of extended none voter.

Observing the lack of Federal solution for this problem a few states are removing non-voters who do not vote in the last three elections. Letter are being sent asking if they have moved from their last add.

Not surprising, these “address change letters” are being sent to areas that are poor or liberal. If the letters are not answered they are automatically removed.

Many voters are responding by indicating that they don’t like any candidate and their non-vote is a vote of no confidence, and should not be removed. Sorry!

Don’t be surprised when you go to the poll and they cant find your name on the roll.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

An eye for an eye

I’m getting sick and tired of the democrats and their total disregard of the office of the President of the United States. The recent letter/bad poem by Jake Pickering was one of the worst.

In 2016, Donald Trump was elected president. Thats when the hate started and for the life of me I don’t understand why the democrats hate him so. He is rough, profane and unpolished but he hasn’t committed a crime.   The people voted and he is president until his term ends.  

I think part of the reason for their anger is that he gives as he takes. The democrats have always been rough on members of the opposition and he has given it back to them in kind and they don’t like it. Karma is rough sometimes.

Now Nancy Pelosi and the democrats want to second guess the recent events in Iraq by limiting his war powers. During the cold war, a Russian official said the they would win any war between the US and Russia. He said if we attacked, the war would be over while the US politicians were still having committee meetings to decide if they wanted to respond to the attack. Thats what we will have if the democrats have their way.  

This Iranian general killed lots of Americans, he killed thousands of Iraqis and Syrians, and his group attacked the US Embassy in Baghdad. There is more than enough evidence to justify the president’s action.

Our world is full of radical groups out to kill us. If we just turn the other cheek, they will smite it too and we’ll all probably be dead.  The toughest guy on the block will win in the future. We’ve got to be that guy.

Jim Gardner


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