Both sides

acting hurt

So, our newly elected house majority leader, Nancy Pelosi, has asked the president of the United States to postpone giving the country, the annual State of the Union address, claiming to be concerned over security and safety due to the shutdown.

What a crock of you-know-what. It’s just another way the ticked off Socialcrats will try and disrupt the country, by, they think, foiling the POTUS.

Isn’t it strange to one with a brain, that Ms. Pelosi is so worried about safety and security? Where is that same level of fear on our borders? Correct, she has no desire to secure our borders, ever, as long as Mr. Trump is president. Now, I have no clue who will win the next presidential election, but I will say it in stone, if it is a Socialcrat, Ms. Pelosi will break all known speed records to fund the wall, that, today, she calls everything but what it is — a deterrent.

Since this letter may not be printed at all, or in its entirety, or until after Jan. 29, I am hoping Mr. Trump tells her, and I quote, “No, thanks, I am going to deliver the State of the Union Address in Congress, to the American people and should you or any of your misguided BFFs not attend, whoopie.”

Yes, I mailed a letter to the White House, encouraging Mr. Trump to go to Congress on 1-29 and deliver his message.

Yes, I mailed a letter to Ms. Pelosi, encouraging her to be concerned about all Americans’ safety and security, not just hers.

I will watch how both sides continue to act so hurt, yet seem to be strong enough to keep bashing, instead of joining hands and getting the country’s borders secured and Americans safe.

Skip Thacker


They should suffer, too

The party that introduces this bill can win the next election easily: When the government is closed down, Congress and its staff lose their salaries and medical care. Contact your reps now.

Will Brown


Speeches from

the Oval Office

For the past 60 years, presidents have rarely used the Oval Office to give speeches to the American people. When they have spoken from the Oval Office, it was usually about a major event and often it was done to quell the fears and anxieties of people caused by the event.  

For example, John F.  Kennedy was in the Oval Office when he discussed the Cuban missile crisis. He laid out a plan to try to prevent a nuclear confrontation with the Soviet Union.

In March 1968, Lyndon Johnson announced he was not going to send more combat troops to South Vietnam and would seek a negotiated settlement to end that war. He also declared he would not seek re-election for a second term.  

Richard Nixon spoke in the Oval Office to inform the nation he was going to resign as president because of the Watergate scandal. He didn’t mention the House was about to impeach him and the Senate was going to remove him from office. George W. Bush discussed the horror of the 9-11 attacks and promised that the U.S. would soon respond to the terrorists with military force.

Donald Trump, however, decided to speak from the Oval Office to discuss a policy disagreement with Congress about how to secure our Southern border and to once again scare and frighten people over the nonexistent border crisis that he invented. My guess is that he will again use the Oval Office to attack Robert Mueller.

Ralph S. Brax


Learning from

our mistakes

Democrats refused to attend the inauguration of Abe Lincoln because he had a radical idea to end slavery.

History repeats itself, that’s why it shouldn’t be erased. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, but are we?

Judy Watson



In Skip Thacker’s January 24 letter, he calls several other letter writers and me Liberal, Democratic Socialcrats. Oh, my. This from a guy who doesn’t believe in things that are real in the physical world such as pot stuff and gay marriage. His words. He doesn’t believe in them yet they continue to exist.

Then, he believes in so-called massive voter fraud, which doesn’t exist. Really, it doesn’t. Trump’s voter fraud commission was disbanded after 11 months after finding no evidence of voter fraud.

In-person voter fraud has been a Republican and Fox News lie for a dozen years.

He’s also said he believes in “my god” (his words) who is apparently named Donald Trump. So, all in all, I can’t take Mr. Thacker seriously.   

Bill Pappas


Letting egos govern

The three people holding the U.S. hostage with a government shutdown have no concepts about the people affected. Their idea of worry would be when they are down to their last few million dollar accounts. None of them have had to worry about a meal unless they are concerned about the way the maid or servant serves the canapes. One side wants a wall to protect the U.S. while the other side did want a wall, but not when its wanted by the current president. It looks like we are governed by egos, money and hate.

Gene Sannes


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