A ‘Republican tradition’

Remember Reagan?  He gave a big tax cut followed by a stock market crash of 1987. Black Monday, October 19, 1997, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 22.61%.

Bush 41 left us a recession that President Clinton then turned into “peace and prosperity” and 20 million jobs in eight years. Then, Bush 43 invaded the wrong country based on non-existent WMDs in Iraq and gave us another tax cut plus those $300 checks that I bet everyone has spent already.  

Bush 43 left President Obama the worst recession since the Great Depression and unfinished wars. After  years of a slow and steady recovery, President Obama left the country in better shape than he found it for Trump. Trump immediately gave the top earners and corporations a big and unnecessary tax cut and now we are having another Wall Street downhill slide. Oh, and you got a meager tax cut that will probably disappear with rising interest and mortgage rates and higher health care costs due to Trump’s dismantling of Obamacare.  

Do ya see a pattern here? Republicans give away tax cuts followed by stock market crashes and/or severe corrections and recessions. This last December, was one of the worst Decembers for Wall Street. But then, Presidents Clinton and Obama had to clean up their messes and a Democrat will have to clean up after Trump. Do you recall crashes on Clinton’s and Obama’s watches? Crashes are a Republican tradition. Think Herbert Hoover and the more recent crop.

Insanity is voting Republican over and over again and expecting a different result.   

Bill Pappas


No stories

Easy come, easy go. I don’t see any articles in the AV Press about our elected officials, old and new.

In Palmdale, we have a new Mayor — Steve Hofbauer. Welcome. I am familiar with your many years of service to our community, from LAFD, to Planning Commission, to City Council and vice mayor. I know you will continue to be just as dedicated to the progress and welfare of Palmdale in the years to come.

Meanwhile, however, where are the articles about thanks and recognition for Jim Ledford for 30 years of mayoral presence? He deserves thanks and great respect for all he has done to promote Palmdale. So, I will say it - thank you Jim Ledford.

Katie Hill is our newly elected representative to the California Assembly. Let’s say welcome to her also and give her the chance to represent us.

But where is the AV Press article thanking Steve Knight for years of hard work representing us as well? Steve Knight has a long career of working for this community -LAPD, and more —  including as a member of the Palmdale City Council for many years.

What about George and Sharon Runner who dedicated their entire adult careers to the Antelope Valley? They started a school, and served in local and state government. Sorry that Sharon Runner is no longer with us, but George deserves our thanks for many years — from Lancaster mayor to the California State Board of Equalization.

These are cruel times; everybody has such strong opinions and everyone is so easily “offended” by anyone else’s opinions. This seems to me to be such a lack of respect and it is about time that people worked together for good.

Let’s support our elected officials — present and past.

Patty Akkad


Editor’s note: The Antelope Valley Press ran a story about George Runner on Jan. 10, 2019. We ran a story about Steve Knight on Jan. 13, 2019 and we ran stories about Katie Hill on Jan. 5, Jan., 7 and Jan., 9, 2019. We also ran a story about Jim Ledford on Nov. 12, 2018.

Embrace his proposal

The president pointed out that over the last two years, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 266,000 aliens with criminal records including those convicted or charged of nearly 100,000 assaults, 30,000 sex crimes and 4,000 violent killings.

The humanitarian crisis affects migrants who are exploited by human smugglers. One in three migrant women making the dangerous trek to the U.S. border are sexually assaulted along the way. Last month, nearly 20,000 children were illegally smuggled into our nation. A portion of those children were likely to have been sexually abused in their travels, as well.

Ninety percent of heroin comes into the U.S. through our southern border. Controlled substances, including fentanyl and methamphetamine, come to America from many points out of Mexico, not just from ports of entry.

These political battles must stop so we can come together as Americans and secure the border. President Trump has requested funds for more border patrol agents, ICE personnel, immigration judges, humanitarian aid and medical support and $5.7 billion for 234 miles of a steel barrier along the border.

President Trump is calling on Congress to fulfill their constitutional duty to protect the states against invasion. Congresswoman Katie Hill should be decisive and prepare to vote to fund the administration’s plan for border security. I am pleased to learn that she has signaled a willingness to vote on a measure, I encourage her to fully embrace the president’s proposal.

William Moore


‘Crisis of the heart’

President Trump made his case to the American people, stating that we are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

He called it, “a crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul.” Mr. Trump laid out fact after fact, describing the scale of the problem. How anyone can deny that it is a crisis is beyond me.

Stuart A. Cannold

Sierra Vista, AZ

Forced cooperation

The current shutdown of our government should be handled the way they do to choose a pope: lock everyone up in the capitol until they come to an agreement. I think we might get some action.

Gillian Ray


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Correction to a letter: Katie Hill was elected as the Member of U.S. Congress for CA-25; Christy Smith was elected as the Member of the CA Assembly for AD 38.

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