Russian prediction

Residents of Los Angeles County do not seem to have a friend in the newly elected sheriff. Alex Villanueva has publicly stated that he will enforce the sanctuary status of the county, he will remove ICE for the county and will release lots of criminals to get the prisoner count down.

What Mr. Villanueva forgets or ignores is that he is new to the job and doesn’t know everything, that he did not win by a landslide, not everyone is of Hispanic origin and that by far, the most important thing to citizens is their safety and the safety of their families.

The people of Newman, California are mourning the loss of one of their police officers, killed by an illegal alien, two-time loser who should have been reported to ICE.

This game of enabling the illegal offenders makes every sheriff, every elected official and every Liberal lawyer complicit in the death of that young officer.

In some place this would get them jail time.

If it is so important that travelers to our country have passports, visas and other paper work, then why are those illegally in our country being shielded? Obeying the law is either black or white — you do or you don’t.

And most importantly, those new to this country, legal or not, should know that there will be consequences to their actions. Chairman  Nikita Khrushchevev of Russia, long ago, predicted that America will destroy itself from within. By allowing law-breaking and ignoring the rule of law, we will be doing just that.

Jim Gardner


A positive note

While many of the regular contributors to the “Letters Section” of the AV Press often complain about the new publishers’ positions and articles, I think it is fair to point out the good things in the paper. The recent editorial about IRS scammers going after the elderly. It was very informative. Thank you.

John B. Smith


Here’s the real issue

Although the points you make are strong and thought-provoking, I think they miss the real issue. The defining feature of marijuana is not just “the evolving science of testing for marijuana and the lack of consensus over how to measure impairment,” but also the extremely high and unnatural potency.

If you want to talk about challenges for lawmakers and law enforcement, look at the THC levels of today’s marijuana, which have increased exponentially and have deviated so far from its “natural” form, that calling it “marijuana” is inaccurate.

It’s not so much a lack of consensus over how to measure impairment that’s driving the issue here, but more of a lack of consistency and regulation of THC levels. With the increased use by youth, this should be the dominating concern. Consumers want to get high and sellers want to get rich, but it’s far from a win-win situation. You see, there’s no limit on how rich a person can get, but there is a limit on how much THC the body can take before it begins to go haywire and the younger the consumer starts, the more vulnerable they are to adverse effects.

And let’s make a clear distinction between the medicinal weed and the recreational one. Marijuana derives its medicinal value from CBD, while the psychoactive properties stem from the chemical THC. CBD does not cause psychosis or paranoia; In fact, it blocks the psychoactive effects of THC, so to say that “marijuana can cause psychosis” is misleading. A more accurate statement would be “THC can cause psychosis” because at the end of the day, that’s exactly what people are consuming — a mutated product oozing THC.

Aurora Hernandez

Prevention Coordinator

Pueblo y Salud, Inc.


Some support

To any Republican who supports the government shutdown, I want you to know I support you. Sure you may lose your car, your apartment, your home. But supporting Trump means everything to you and I guess it actually will.

So the next time I see you, with your family at the next off ramp, I will support you. But just a few bucks, the tariffs are killing me.

Kevin Quinn


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