Missed opportunity

Rashid Tailib, Palestinian new Congress woman from Detroit, has a chance to create a good image of Palestinians, but instead shoots her foul mouth off in public to her children, with the most gross obscenity in America. A nice gift for AIPAC and the rest of the Right wing Israel lobby.

Will Brown


Another ‘brick’ in the wall

The Berlin Wall and Bracero Program were in American history from 1942 to ’64, for the later and 1961 to 1989 for the former.

The former came down November 9, 1989. Why so many years and so much money invested for this concrete barrier?

What value was the Bracero Program as a barrier to keep Mexicans out, yet use their labor? Why was it terminated?

Lots of talk about both as I grew up, especially the Bracero Program, after my family moved to California from Oklahoma to find work, and we were seeking the same labor work that the Mexicans came to California to do.

Can you believe that the Berlin Wall came down much later — November 9, 1989. It came down on my daughter’s 32nd birthday. Can you believe that it lasted for two generations of Americans, if you consider just me and my daughter heard about both, and history books told the beginning of each and how each was terminated. The Berlin Wall when “torn down,” was big news because an American president made the announcement and news was all about the “chippers” who took pieces of it.

To think a wall of concrete is again being used, this time by an American president. Why? To keep us safe as those from the south are kept out, at a horrendous asking price to be built, $5.7 billion.

Ann Gassaway


Good sportsmanship is important

Last night, which on Jan. 5, several parents braved the rain to watch the championship game for soccer at Rosamond High. The Roadrunners Classic Tournament. The Palmdale Aerospace Academy versus Tehachapi High School. It was a great game. The field was wet and slippery. The boys were slipping and falling down. The ball was wet but it was a hard fought game on both sides.

I was so disappointed at the end of the game because one of the fans or parent from Tehachapi yelled out to our coach, “Is that all you got coach?”

Now I’m not a fan of coddling kids or everyone gets a trophy, but that was uncalled for. The coach and the players and parents heard it.

Luckily, the Aerospace Academy showed much more class than this gentleman did. I’m extremely proud of the Aerospace soccer team. They are a small charter school. The coach Luis Hernandez has done a great job building this team. It was the best finish they have had in a tournament, yet. Beating larger schools and getting into the championship game was very exciting.

Please, parents and fans, remember how your actions and words can diminish a wonderful accomplishment. Thank you to coach Hernandez for doing a great job. Congratulations to all the boys on the Aerospace soccer team.

Victoria Allen


Good column

Thank you, Jeff Jacoby, for your very sensible and correct article regarding Trump’s ridiculous wall. I wish the article could be sent to certain people in Washington who are in desperate need of the facts you presented.

Joy  Brunn

Quartz Hill

And so it begins

On the second day of the Dems’ control of the House, Dem. Rep. Tailib called Trump a MF.

And this is day after House Speaker Pelosi said we need to “...respect each other...”

This is absolutely staggering. How in the world would any reasonable person vote for her or this type of person? Pelosi then said in response to that comment, it’s no worse than what Trump has already said and refused to condemn the gutter comment. Really??

Newly elected Ocasio-Cortez wants to raise federal taxes to 70% on top earners while 47 to 50% of wage earners pay no federal taxes. The DNC is itching to impeach Trump and so, their hidden agenda is now official, in the open and in clear view.

It’ll be a long and bumpy road for next two years. The damage being done to the political process, the country and the social fabric is immense.

Dave Walker


Get it right

So Nancy Pelosi says a wall is immoral, inefficient and ineffective. There is discussion about calling it a fence, instead.

Well here are some official definitions: A wall is a structure that defines an area, carries a load, or provides shelter or security. To enclose, shut off, divide, protect, border, etc., with or as if with a wall. Fence – A barrier intended to prevent escape or intrusion or to mark a boundary.

Look up synonyms for these two words and you will find exactly what President Trump is trying to achieve for this country at our border with Mexico.

Prisons have walls and security guards to keep the bad guys from coming into normal society. Rich, influential Liberals have walls around their mansions and estates, guess why. Schools now have walls and fences around them, guess why.

I challenge Nancy and her nitwit minion, AOC, to present a bill to Congress to outlaw and dismantle all walls and fences to protect American citizens from being cheated out of their money for something that is inefficient and ineffective while reimposing morality on this country. Moral Nancy — the “you have to pass it to see what’s in it” legislator.

Barry Braman


No change

The Social Security raise that was mentioned in a recent letter is a mirage. Medicare premiums were raised at the same time, which offset the raise. I am getting the same amount as I alway have. It doesn’t matter who is in charge — the government giveth and the government taketh away.

Ivy Berr


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