An A for effort

Educators today work to instill “grit” in learners — the ability to stay determined in the face of difficulty. Grit is difficult to teach, it’s best taught by example.

Fortunately, Kamal Al-Khatib, director of the Guidance Charter School, is providing that example. Despite the Palmdale District’s decision not to renew his school’s charter, he continues to fight to keep the doors open. He recently applied a second time with the Antelope Valley Union High School District and is awaiting their decision.

I applaud Mr. Al-Khatib for his grit and for the example he provides students. I wish him success.

Dave Markov


Be prepared

This is response to Dorothy Mosley’s letter (Jan. 6, 2019) in which she stated that she had to go back to the DMV three times to get the driver’s license she wanted. She stated that she brought no paperwork the first time, the incorrect paperwork the second time and finally on the third visit, she presented the correct paperwork to the DMV.

Please bring the correct paperwork on your first visit and quit clogging up the DMV lines with meaningless visits.

My experience with the Lancaster DMV in November 2018 was very pleasant. I also was getting my every five years senior driver’s license renewal. I had a 9 a.m. appointment. I arrived a few minutes early to get in line. I was called to the first window at 9 a.m. The clerk checked my paperwork, which was correct (I checked the DMV website) to get a “Real ID” driver’s license and to have the “Veteran” annotation. Before I could sit down, my number was called by the second window. I took the eye test and the rules of the road test and was out of the building by 9:30.  Now that is what I call service. Thank you, DMV. The real lesson that was to be learned is follow the requirements posted on the DMV website.

Joseph Orwat


Spoiled children

Cal State Long Beach University made national headlines a couple of months ago when the school’s directors and Student Senate decided to remove the statue of the 49er prospector in front of the campus and change the nickname of the school from the 49ers to the 1949ers.

Prospectors treated the Indians badly during the California gold rush days and that reason prompted the change. These kids don’t care about the heritage of California, do they? I thought students go to college to get an education, but now they’re brazen enough to tell their college what to do and how to do it.

Do you think other colleges in the country with the nickname “Cowboy” will change their name because cowboys killed Indians?

In a letter to the 49er Foundation, I expressed my displeasure and said my contributions to the college would end. The administration at CSUB is weak and their decision only empowers these millennial students to think they can call the shots.

The University of South California (USC) is often called the “School of Spoiled Children,” but now there’s another school in Southern California that you can add to that list with spoiled children. No grandkids of mine will attend CSUB if I can help it.

Dennis Tope


That’s not his goal

On Jan. 8, 2019, President Trump addressed the nation from the Oval Office to finally address the national emergency that is gun violence in America, by Americans on other innocent Americans.

He said, “Imagine if it was your child, your husband or wife whose life was so cruelly shattered and totally broken. To every member of Congress, pass a bill that ends this crisis.”

Well, those were Trump’s words, but they were not about the 17 students and teachers shot and killed at MSD High School during his presidency.

They were not about 26 innocent Americans killed while attending church in Texas during his presidency. They were not about the 12 students and moms and dads and the brave law enforcement officer who gave his life running in to stop a shooting at the Borderline Bar and Grill.

Gun violence in America by Americans on Americans, is a very real national emergency. But it won’t get time in Trump’s Oval Office address because Trump’s goal isn’t to make Americans safer. His goal is to stoke racist, anti-immigrant anger in his base.

Imagine the gory, grave details Trump could have given about police officers and military members and moms and daughters and dads and brothers lying in pools of blood in their church and their school and their local club and their outdoor concert venue.

Katy Nelsen


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