It happened

Donald Trump stated that this country could sure use “another good government shutdown” again. He’s wrong and here’s why. The last time they shut the government down, it lasted 16 or 17 days and was around the holiday season.

When they did it, all the Congressional Republicans were walking around with smirks on their faces and thought that they were all a bunch of geniuses and some of them were even heard to say that now they’ll show those “lazy good for nothing government workers” (their words not mine).

This lasted for about the first three days, until one of them discovered that by law, they had to pay those workers for all that time off. As this shutdown occurred late in the year, most of those workers had already taken their accrued vacation time.

So what the Republicans succeeded in doing was to give them more than another two weeks paid vacation. Then all those Republicans looked sick and those smirks disappeared and it cost them dearly in the next election.

So if Trump really wants “another good government shutdown,” then he should try it and see what happens.

Then the only question would be whether Trump and the Congressional Republicans are foolish enough to do it or smart enough not to. Right now, since Trump is involved, it’s a toss up. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Marty Scepan


It’s all about him

The president was visibly moved as he spoke.

“We thank you for your service,” he said on Thanksgiving Day to America’s soldiers. “We’re proud of you and America stands solidly behind you. Together, you and I have taken an oath to defend your country. You’re honoring that oath.”

This wasn’t Donald Trump talking, of course. That was President George W. Bush, speaking to a gathering of troops on Thanksgiving Day in 2003, on a surprise visit to a sand-bagged bunker in Iraq.

Trump, for his part, barely managed on Thanksgiving to squeeze in a thank you. He drifted instead from beating up on immigrants to beating up on judges:

“There have been a lot of very bad court decisions, from the Ninth Circuit, which has become a big thorn in our side, always lose and you lose again and again, and you hopefully win at the Supreme Court,” Trump said in his call from his golf club, Mar-a-Lago. “But it’s a terrible thing when judges take over your protective services, when they tell you how to protect your border. It’s a disgrace.”

Trump showed himself incapable of empathy. Once again, it was all about himself. Remember this in 2020.

Miguel S. Coronado



There seems to be no end to the shameless self promotion perpetrated by Donald Trump. We’ve grown numb to the subjective “A+” ratings of his own performance in office.

We know full well that he is “highly educated” and knows “the best words.” We’ve heard again and again how he is “the only one that can fix” the serious problems plaguing our nation. Our senses are overwhelmed. We have been soused with narcissism.

Now in this season of giving thanks, our president heaps on with a Trumpian twist on what has traditionally been a presidential message of hope and gratitude. Throughout Trump’s remarks, he managed to keep the focus solely on himself. When asked by a reporter what he is most thankful for, Trump responded: “For having a great family and for having made a tremendous difference in this country. I made a tremendous difference in the country. This country is so much stronger now than it was when I took office that you wouldn’t believe it. I mean, you see it, but so much stronger that people can’t even believe it.”

He then quoted his oft-summoned imaginary “friends” by adding, “When I see foreign leaders, they say we cannot believe the difference in strength between the United States now and the United States two years ago.”

Nope. They can’t believe it, Donald. Neither can we.

Jarold Wright


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