Using his ‘magnificent brain’

Donald Trump lives in a visceral universe where “guts” play a major role in fundamental judgment and decision making.

“I have a gut and my gut tells me more sometimes than anybody else’s brain can ever tell me,” Trump recently said.

What is to be done about a president who relies on an alternate organ to make decisions, craft national policy and uphold our sacred traditions? Our reality show commander-in-chief bypasses his brain on other matters, as well.

His documented dalliances with porn stars, Playboy models and other women yet to be discovered, all in violation of his wedding vows, indicate that yet another organ is deferred to when making crucial decisions.

So, we have to wonder: When can we depend on Donald Trump to use his “magnificent brain” to lead us into cogent decisions that are designed to demonstrably strengthen our Republic? Apparently, never.

Jarold Wright


She likes the way he lies

Obama lied and the country went downhill and national debt skyrocketed, health insurance, his biggest lie, rates increase 200% and up. Small businesses folded, factories shut down, millions lost jobs, homes, cars, bankruptcy increased.

Clinton lied and millions went to her Clinton Foundation from Russia, over the sale of our uranium to the Soviet Union. The real Russian collusion story.

Trump lied and our country is financially stable, millions back to work, factories reopened, small businesses prosper, Christmas sales soaring, breaking records, unemployment the lowest ever, millions off welfare, military stronger, seniors just saw a nice raise in Social Security checks, first time in 10 years. Our borders are being protected and Trump puts American citizens first. Democrats put law breaking illegals first, American Citizens, second. I prefer Trumps lies.

Judy Watson


We must beat the industry

Dennis Tope: “Years ago, scientists predicted there was (a hole in the ozone layer), which would cause ultraviolet radiation to plague the Earth and lead to catastrophic disasters. That prediction never happened.”

The hole in the ozone layer was a fact rather than a prediction. The reason that we averted catastrophic disasters relative to human life, agriculture, fisheries, etc., was because, in 1987, 197 countries, including the U.S., agreed to ban that which was depleting the ozone layer - chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). And that is just exactly what needs to take place concerning fossil fuels.

But let us suspend reality for a moment by pretending that fossil fuels are not the cause of global warming. Why would we not want to eschew a carbon-based economy anyway — if for no other reason than to save money and assert our independence from carbon capitalists? Why would we not wish to have cost-free electricity? And why would we not want to fuel our automobiles via our rooftops even if fossil fuels were utterly innocuous?

I don’t think this is a liberal thing, a conservative thing, or a Marxist thing. I think it is a common sense thing.

Mr. Tope: “Scientists predicted, too, that global warming would cause the oceans to rise 10 feet and cause widespread flooding, but that never occurred.”

It is occurring right now. Eight islands in the Pacific Ocean have already disappeared due to rising sea levels. And many of the world’s low-lying cities, such as Miami, Florida, are already experiencing what is known as “sunny day flooding.”

Simply stated, we defeated the chlorofluorocarbons industry and we are going to have to beat the fossil fuel industry.   

Guy Marsh


Follow the law

So how do we, as a country react? The Socialcrats demand we allow everyone to cross without any knowledge of who, etc., these folk are. The hard right says to keep all out — so what to do?

How about we follow the laws on the books? That means a process that, sadly, takes far too long and can be reduced, without hurting anyone. Photograph, fingerprint, ID each person. Once paperwork is done and no criminal wants or warrants, allow entry.

Surprised by my take? Don’t be. Once in the system, these folk are no longer illegal — got that? Allow the process to work.

What about those who’s past is criminal? Return to birth country. We have far too many U.S.-born criminals and need no more.

Skip Thacker


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