She agrees

I agree with the Valley Press editorial that stated the government shutdown is a cruel way to run a country and a miserable way to run a nation that is losing its stature in the world. (1-2-19).

Over 800,000 federal workers are being unjustly penalized with their paychecks they have already earned, being withheld by Donald. J. Trump, an egocentric and blustering president who claimed over and over, to get elected, Mexico would pay for a border wall.

Trump has claimed over television, to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Leader Chuck Schumer, he would “proudly own the shutdown” to force payment with the taxpayers’ money to construct a border wall.

How can a shutdown for apparent political purposes — without a vote of approval by the House and Senate — be legal, just or fair?

How can it be constitutional to withhold paychecks already earned by men and women employees of our federal government?

We, the people, deserve a legal answer to the problem created by Trump to prevent this abuse of power occurring in the future.

D. Dianne Adams


It was surely

an accident

Regarding the letter about the vehicle hitting a horse: of course it was a terrible accident — nobody would purposely hit a horse.

There would be terrible consequences for both — in this case, the horse was either killed or terribly injured and had to be euthanized. The other consequence is that the driver and passengers of the car involved would be severely injured or even killed in such an accident.

This is the unfortunate result of a horse getting loose and running out on the road. The poor horse is not educated in streets and cars and traffic. Sadly, other animals are hit and killed by cars too, when they run out on the road. Just this morning, I had to brake hard when a big coyote ran straight across Soledad Canyon Road in Acton. He didn’t know about me or my car and I was so startled and grateful that I didn’t hit him.

I am sorry to hear about this incident with the horse. I am sure the owner of the horse is very upset, as is the driver of the car that hit it. But I am quite sure nobody aimed to injure or kill a horse with his car!

Patty Akkad


Serving the AV

I must say that I am disappointed after serving the people of Antelope Valley in elected office for over 27 years, that the AV Press chose not to report on my retirement that starts today. My time as a counsel member, mayor, assembly member, senator and BOE Board member in the AV was an incredible honor. To have the people of AV set the historical precedent of sending both Sharon and I to Sacramento to represent them was humbling.

With many friends in the AV, I would like to share with them my thanks and appreciation for their support of myself and Sharon.

Thank you for considering the request.

George Runner


Editor’s note: A story about Mr. Runner was featured in this week’s Antelope Valley Press, as he couldn’t be reached for an interview late last year.

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