Infected immigrants

If we built a wall, tear gas wouldn’t be necessary. Why is America the only country in the entire world not permitted to enforce their immigration laws?

One-third of illegal immigrant invasion has HIV, tuberculosis and chicken pox.

This is what the left, wants for this country: An Economic impact, crime, danger to our border patrol, political impact, health crisis and drug smuggling.  

Is that looking out for our country’s best interest and your well being?

Judy Watson


For the benefit of all

The recent influx of teenagers, male and female, from Central American countries has caused quiet a stir. It appears that those big intellects’ in Washington D.C. don’t know what to do with them.

Shame on you!

Since these foreigners are all here for apparently good reasons, why not offer them some incentive for their asylum resume?

Offer them a job. Those that accept will be given points toward a legal status plus a minimum wage that will be held or invested for them. At the completion of the asylum hearing, they will have sufficient funds to either start a career in the good ’ol USA or have enough to return to their country.

Those who do not agree to work can remain in the barbwire enclosure at the expense of our government.

If our political scholars cannot fill in the details and make this a legal offer, we need to replace them.

All that protoplasm should not be wasted in a barbwire compound in the desert, when it can be used to the benefit of all.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

Thank you

For Mr. Brian Golden: Sir, thank you for your great writing for 37 plus years. Thank you for allowing us local yokels to respond. You, sir, know that local fans know a lot about sports.

I do not have a computer, so I am responding by letter, not caring if this is printed, only that you see and read it. Thank you. And a big thank you to the editor.

So my “ballot,” thanks to you, is (note, only 35 names appear in your column):

Mariano Rivera

Omar Vizquel

That’s it. There are many fine, good, decent players, some are borderline, such as Mr. Berkman, Mr. Walker, Mr. Pettitte, Mr. E. Martinez and Mr. McGriff. Any “user,” no thank you, no matter how great you were before you doped up, if Mr. Rose can’t be in, neither can the dopers. Where I disagree with Mr. Holtzman, unless you have a doper wing.

Skip Thacker


Something to remember

A senior citizen and war veteran wrote a nice letter of appreciation to two young people who assisted him at the traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall. It was a touching thank you from a “old soldier.”

Xavier Flores wrote the old soldier “expressed emotions I thought he was incapable of feeling” and “I was able to see a glimpse of humanity in this writer.”

Why would Flores be surprised the old soldier had a touch of humanity? Well, according to Flores, the veteran (and his ilk) have spoken so poorly about illegal immigrants that they must be cold, uncaring and inhuman.

I have read many letters from the old soldier and never seen an unkind word printed. Yet, because Flores disagrees with his views on illegal immigration, Flores smears the man’s character.

Voters should consider his elitist, holier-than-thou attitude the next time Xavier Flores runs for mayor of Palmdale and whenever he promotes his anti-business schemes before the city council.

Bill Homan


Nothing’s changed

David Cooper: “Now a letter writer has told us that the relationship between slaves and masters has not changed. But (chattel) slavery was ended almost 200 years ago, so I have no idea what he is talking…”

I wrote, in part, “Now, some 200 years later, the producers of the capitalist class’ profits — wage slaves — are permitted to leave their places of employment after each workday, but the essential economic relationship between slaves and masters has not changed…” The operative words being “essential” and “economic.”

There are, of course, striking differences between wage slavery and chattel slavery, but so, too, are there similarities. One similarity is that wage slavery sees to it that people are put to work mainly for the benefit of an infinitesimally small owning class. One dissimilarity is that modern-day wage slaves are purchased in the labor market rather than in the chattel slave market.

Ironically, that dissimilarity serves to prop up the illusion of freedom. Wage slaves are free to quit their jobs whenever they wish to. But, when they do leave they are compelled to find a new master quickly. And this urgency to secure a new master is illustrative of their servitude; one based on the fact that workers are paid back — in the form of wages and salaries — only a small fraction of the economic wealth they produce; just enough to provide themselves with food, clothing and shelter and to raise the succeeding generation of wage slaves.  

So, yes, the essential economic relationship between masters and slaves has not changed since the days of chattel slavery.

Guy Marsh


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