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It’s more than greed

The extraordinary salary and benefits paid to the new director of the AV hospital caused me to examine its “competition” Kaiser and its salaries. The highest paid was the director at $165,000 with the highest possible at $213,000. The many salaried people below the CEO at AV Hospital exceed those at Kaiser by quite a lot. There are probably a lot of reasons other than greed.

Roger Biasi


Wave the white flag

Republicans and Democrats seem to agree that Donald Trump caved, conceded, capitulated and surrendered to Nancy Pelosi.

Dr. Miguel S. Coronado


The mafia beat us

I got a chuckle out of the 11/29/18 editorial headline, “Mars InSight to study planet’s underworld.” I didn’t know that the mafia beat us to Mars.

Marty Scepan


Let us decide

Robert S. Muller III was appointed as “special council” from the Attorney Generals Office to investigate the Russian intervention into the United States elections.  

This exploration has already found at least four breaches of conduct and various criminal transgressions that have resulted in jail time.

The investigation has uncovered diverse activities that if not criminal, has led to deeper inquisitions. In particular, the close association of the Executive Branch with the Russian authority.

With the dissemination of the Muller report expected in the near future, the opposition has begun to put out publicity that the president has had no collusion, or if he has, it was protected  by executive privilege.

How public will the report be? Since the report is a product of our elected or appointed officials, we the people demand that it be published in its entirety without censor or redaction. Let us decide what avenues to take.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

Ball is in their court

The budget impasse which has resulted in the government shutdown, the issues with the wall and the issues regarding the illegal aliens, can only be resolved bythe Democrats negotiating with the Republicans and the president. That’s talking back and forth until a satisfactory solution is worked out.  

The president has presented a plan to resolve the issues and open the government. But what happened? Nancy Pelosi was on Twitter even before the president was finished talking, saying no way to his suggestions.

My message to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats is that is not negotiating. It is now the Democrats turn to present their proposal to end the impasse. Once the Dems have a proposal, get everyone together and find the plan that will work. Negotiating is not just NO!

If nothing happens from the president’s proposal, then the shutdown falls into the Democrats’ lap.  

Jim Gardner


What are you

giving them, Katie?

Representing you — not special interests. Our representatives are elected to make us the priority, but instead, Washington politicians make decisions that benefit their party leaders, special interests and billionaire donors.

From day one, I said I wouldn’t take corporate money — I am running to represent you, not the extremely wealthy or the big businesses they control. If we want a government that fights for the will of the people and not special interests, we have to reform the way in which we finance our campaigns.

Another quote directly from Katie Hill’s website: Katie wants to make sure your values and your community are represented in Washington. Her campaign is truly a grassroots effort and she won’t take a dime from corporate PACs. She believes representatives in Congress should only be accountable to the voters of the 25th district, not corporations with a lot of money.

According to the Federal Elections Commission campaign financial reports that her campaign filed, she raised $8.4 million. About $3.78 million came from California voters. $2.27 million came from Massachusetts.  And what about the $3,645 from overseas addresses?

In all fairness, of the $2.27 million that came from Massachusetts, $2.15 million came from a bundling firm that collects the money from all over and sends it to the candidates. Those contributors don’t necessarily live in the 25th district.

Katie didn’t take any “corporate” PAC money. She did take $230,000 from other types of PACs. And Michael Bloomberg’s Super PAC spent about $4.5 million on campaign ads for her.  

Michael Bloomberg spent $110 million on the 2018 campaign. Tom Steyer committed $110 million to the midterm elections. These guys don’t spend money like this just because. What are you giving them, Katie?

Greg Carlson


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