That’s insane

What’s insanity is to vote for higher taxes, open borders, sanctuary cities and early release for criminals. Oh, I should have said Democrats.

Garardo Hernandez


Cut everything

How much money would the LA School District save if they just provided education? Stop the free breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop the free translating services. Stop the free after school care.

I would bet there are more translators than nurses. Start educating in English and focus on your job. Teaching, not feeding, not babysitting and teach in English, it is not the American tax payer who should be responsible for a child entering the system not prepared for that system.

That would be the parents responsibility, not translators and taxpayers. I walked home for lunch or took, there was no cafeteria. My 91-year-old father never got a free lunch during school, the Depression, WWII or now.

I don’t understand this free lunch, free translation. Problem is they have gone beyond teaching and the budget wont support. So cut everything but teaching and what it takes, English, teachers, nurses and counselors.

Gayle Failla


Praise for Knight

Steve Knight was honored by the community Friday night, January 11th. More than three decades of service and he is still going. As an 18-year LAPD officer, U.S. Army veteran and congressman, he deserves every accolade. And more, in my opinion. Steve said that his staff “was off the charts.” I agree, especially Mitchell and Christine. They are extraordinary individuals.

 It took an entire paragraph of newsprint for everyone to wish him well and thank him. I like the words of Dennis Anderson: “Steve took an oath while in LAPD to protect and to serve and has done so tremendously with the Antelope Valley.” Myself, I would call Steve a “living legend.”

I have rarely seen a congressman more honored and valuable than Steve Knight. He also said, “I would have liked my term to be longer, but everything comes to an end.” I believe we will be hearing from Steve Knight, as he is going back to work and plans to stay involved with the community, aerospace and veterans. That could not be more honorable.

When Steve reads this, I might add that I still have military medals coming from St. Louis, they are really on a slow train and I would be honored to have a private “pinning ceremony” with Steve and company. If there is any way this newspaper or someone in the community could pull off a small miracle and help with this, you would have my everlasting gratitude.

God bless America.

Phil Denny


Which way will you go?

With the end of 2018 elections, the race for the White House has begun.

Since Donald Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, the Democrats have opposed him on every single issue he has proposed. Now that they have taken over control of the House, it has only gotten worse.

President Trump could find a cure for cancer, end world hunger and bring peace throughout the world and the Democrats would still oppose him.

The first order of business for the Democratic-led House has been to appoint no less than 17 subcommittees to investigate, not only President Trump, but also members of his cabinet and his children. Seriously, are there not more important issues Congress should be addressing? Is this what our tax dollars are meant for?

Since Donald Trump won the election in 2016, Democrats have been yelling for impeachment, prior to him even being sworn in as president. Now the sole purpose and efforts of the Democrats in Congress are focused on furthering impeachment proceedings against him. I might add this is all with no apparent impeachable offenses other than he is Donald Trump and he won the election.

Of the approximately 36 Democrats that have announced, or are in the process of announcing, their intent on running for president in 2020, the three leading contenders are Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kamala Harris and Senator Elizabeth Warren. These three far-left senators are the most anti-Trump of those that have announced intent to run. Can you imagine how volatile the 2020 election will be?

The 2020 election will not be just Democrat vs. Republican, it will be far left progressive socialism vs. free enterprise. Which direction do you want for our country?

Glenn Parker


Turn the sprinklers off already

We finally got rain. Now it is time to turn off you lawn sprinklers and save some money. Also we all need to conserve water. I see people watering their lawns even when it is raining. What a loss!

Keith Brooker


Not even close

On Monday January 28, Dr. King’s holiday will take place. If Dr. King would have been alive today, he would have turned 90. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 39 due to be assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis TN. The definition of  a leader is  a person who has commanding authority or influence. Hearing Dr. King’s speeches or reading his letters has shown his ability to be a leader

When Dr. King was 12, he tried to commit suicide because he sneaked out of a house to watch a parade when his grandmother died suddenly.

While recovering from back surgery, former President Kennedy wrote Profiles  in Courage which is about  several senators who risked their careers political figures who risked their political careers to stand up for what is right.  His book won the Pulitzer Prize back in 1957.

Although Dr. King was not in political office, African Americans who supported him left the Civil Rights movement when he started to talk about Vietnam. They felt that he should just talk about civil rights. I look at the holiday named after him as well as streets and buildings. I shake my head and wonder why wasn’t he honored more when he was alive. At least he won the Nobel Prize Peace.

When he died, an autopsy was performed and it was a shock to know that even thought Dr. King was 39 years old, he had the heart of a 60 year man due to stress. He had severe bouts of depression.

An African American will not get the accolades that they deserve. It is funny that there are white Americans who despise Obamacare but love the Affordable Health Care Act even though it is the same thing. They despise it because it had Obama’s name to it just like there were white people that despised Dr King’s name because of what he stood for. President Trump cannot even fit into Dr. King’s or Obama’s shoes.

Vincent White


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