Missing Knight

Please bring back Steve Knight.

William Nichter


More investment advice

I was reading what Mitchell Seyfer and George Jung were writing about investing in the stock market or not. It occurred to me that I know of an investment that pays a relatively high percentage annual return. An investment return that goes up every year and all of the return from the investment is tax-free.

Any investment made for improvements that decrease energy cost such as systems that harness free solar energy or increase efficiency; pay an ever increasing investment return in the form of saved energy dollars. Money that does not have to be paid to the gas and electric company is not a taxable investment return.

A properly sized solar electric system installed in the high desert climate pays an average first year return between 10% and 17%. Energy cost rises every year so your investment return is pretty much assured not to fluctuate like the stock market and is definitely better than putting your money in a coffee can.

Stephen M. Jenkins



of decisions

You just voted in another Democrat who will follow her party lines. She will not do what’s right. Democrats follow party lines no matter what they think, themselves.

She won’t vote what she thinks is right for the Valley, she will do as she’s told by her leaders. You voted a good man out for the Valley. Now you will find out just what you did. I don’t trust her to do the right thing for the Valley.

John Mazzella


Follow the money

Some data for letter readers about Hill’s unseating of Steve Knight. She outspent him $11.3M to $6.9M, with $4.5M coming from billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s liberal Independence USA PAC. (

Sam Kilanowski


Presidential tweets

Re: Op-Ed article 12-28-18, “Can the country be run by Twitter posts?”

The whole piece was berating Trump’s twitting. The mainstream media is completely against Trump and 90% of the coverage they have ever given him is negative. Whether the news is good or bad, invariably it’s twisted into something bad or worse.

Twitter is to Trump like the radio fireside chats in ’40s was to Pres. Roosevelt. Or even Pres. Reagan in the ’80s, with his weekly radio addresses also directly to the American public.

It’s funny, the media has forced Trump into this position because of their negatively biased coverage. And because of it Twitter is the only option left open in which he is able to communicate directly to the public.

Now they complain about it.

Dave Walker


Placing future blame

As a life-long resident of Kern County, I would like to give kudos to our Sheriff Donny Youngblood and the deputies of the Kern County Sheriffs Department for apprehending the person that is responsible for the death of a police officer in Northern California. I am very proud of all of you.

I am not, however, proud of our loopy governor Jerry “Moonbeam “ Brown, incoming Governor Gavin Newsom or any other leftists that thinks making California a sanctuary state is a good idea.  Why in the world we would want to shield and protect illegal criminal aliens from prosecution and deportation is just beyond my comprehension. How many more good citizens have to lose their lives before this idiotic law is reversed?  

This young law enforcement officer’s death, like Kate Stienle’s and so many others around the state and the country, is a direct result of sanctuary laws and policies. The perpetrator in this case has a criminal record and should have been thrown out of this country long ago.

For any of you leftists who continue to support this ill conceived law, the blood of these victims is on your hands.

Timothy Gassaway


Common vandalism

Christmas Eve, when returning to the Palmdale Park & Ride, one of the riders found his car missing the two tires on the left side of his car and two other riders had the windows smashed and belongings stolen.

Again, on the next Saturday, more windows smashed and rummaged through. The lot was almost empty except for our group’s cars and a handful of others. No security to be found. This is such a common incident that we all check our tires for fear someone had tried to steal them and left lug nuts loose or off.

Sally Grimm


It’ll never happen

It’s stated that poor contract management and flawed decision making contributed to billions in cost overruns, as well as years of delays for Jerry Brown’s crazy train. Hardly hear it called that anymore, but that’s what it is.

At this article, the project is now $77 billion in cost (and I’ll bet it will go higher), as well as 15 years from completion. What a joke this is. Just like Jerry Brown, a joke. These are the words of Jim Patterson, Assemblyman R-Fresno: “Insurmountable funding shortfalls, continued mismanagement and hugely flawed assumptions mean this project is dead in the water. There will never be a completed track from the Bay Area to Los Angeles.” The project was backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, (another loser) and approved by voters in 2008. Another serious voter mistake.

Wow. You’ve got to be an idiot to back something like this. Oh wait, Gavin Newsom does.

Phil Denny


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