Catching up

This is writing prompted by the article published in the City of Lancaster December 2020 “Out Look” magazine, entitled, “America’s First Hydrogen City.” In addition, since Lancaster is coupled with a Japanese City, that is also pursuing hydrogen fuel usage, reference the Los Angeles Times article, entitled, “Japan sets plans to be carbon-free by 2050,” published December 26, 2020.

My personal efforts with the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC), and the US Fuel Cell Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA), headquartered in Washington, D.C. are making progress with the mission of transitioning our nation from a fossil fuel to a hydrogen fuel economy. This transition is mandatory to reverse the detrimental affects of our global climate change.

With our incoming national administration (Mr. President Elect Biden), and his cabinet members, coupled with our governor’s recognition of our sever climate change damaging affects, we should begin to progress in reversing climate change progress.

European and Asian countries are far ahead of the USA in implementing climate change reversal processes. Some have established hydrogen fuel infrastructures, (generation, storage, transport, and dispensing), of hydrogen fuel in support of transportation systems, i.e., automobile, bus, truck, and rail. It is about time that we, the USA, catch up to our leaders.

Gordon V. Jefferson


Shifting blame

Let me start by saying I like millions of Americans across America are totally against rioting and the attack on our capital. No real Trump supporter who supports law and order would ever attack our democracy or law enfacement officers. Out of the thousands of peaceful protesters only a wicked 60 or so committed criminal acts. I hope all those responsible get arrested and charged for rioting, assault on a police officer, destruction of government property and jailed.

Unlike ANTIFA BLM who were called peaceful protesters by the liberal media were arrested in the past for rioting, assaulting, burning, firing explosives at police and looting then released after many rich liberal Hollywood types posted their bail. As if to say “your dirty deeds are justified using fear as a weapon” which only encourages more violent criminal acts.

Reports are now circulating that many ANTIFA anarchist infiltrated the march planned and were behind the attacks using the same MO trade mark in a few dressed in black carrying book bags and wearing helmets like always dressed for criminal acts.

As I mentioned many times in the past it was ANTIFA plus many radical socialist communist groups who have been calling for a revolution. What will be interesting to watch is how the liberal media will report it or like always ignore it. Who controls the media controls the propaganda can control and manipulate an uniformed public.

Miguel Rios


No help at all

It is my incredible misfortune to live in Mr. Kevin McCarthy’s congressional district. Mr. McCarthy has aided and abetted Donald Trump in the president’s repeated attempts to overturn a free and fair election by refusing to acknowledge President-elect Biden’s win. He has also upheld the notion that the results should be contested in the electoral college count.

Today right wing extremists, fueled by Trump’s repeated encouragement stormed the capitol building in an effort to derail the constitutionally mandated count of the electoral vote. Had top Republicans like Mr. McCarthy told the president he didn’t have a leg to stand on we would not be in this mess. Because Mr. McCarthy has done nothing to stop Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud, right wing extremists saw the green light they were getting and took it.

They stormed the capitol building in what would be called in any other country but this one, a coup. Because that’s exactly what it was and both Mr. Trump and Mr. McCarthy are guilty of inciting this event.

In addition, as an ordinary constituent, I cannot get a hold of anyone in Mr. McCarthy’s offices. I have made repeated attempts. His staff in Washington D.C. does not answer the phone and when I actually went to Mr. McCarthy’s offices today in Bakersfield (which are not easy to find), there was nobody there either. The virus cannot be blamed for Mr. McCarthy’s refusal to adequately staff his phones because we have the technology for him to set up someone to answer it at home.

As a constituent it is my right in a representative democracy to be able to talk to my congressman. Unfortunately, Mr. McCarthy needs reminding of this right.

Heather Smith


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