They’ve all spoken

The voters, more than 155 million of them, have spoken. The Electoral College, despite its complexities, has spoken. The courts, the states, federal and unanimous Supreme Court, have spoken. Donald Trump lost the election. Joe Biden will be our next president. After just a week following the election, everyone knew who won.  

Biden received more than seven million votes than Trump and got 306 electoral votes, the same number Trump received in 2016. But Trump wouldn’t accept the obvious. He whined, cried, bullied and threatened everyone he could.

He was convinced the Republican governors of Arizona and Georgia would flip the election results if he told them to. They didn’t. He just knew those conservative judges he appointed would find a way to give him the presidency.  But all those judges could never find any merit in those lawsuits. They followed the law and the Constitution.

But the most frightening, dangerous and sickening thing that occurred is that around 74 million voters went for Trump, despite his lies, his lack of any moral or ethical code and his desire to turn our democracy of more than 230 years into an authoritarian state. And it’s obvious that he will continue to do so.

Happy New Year.

Ralph S. Brax



After today you will be getting a lot of E-mails from left and right. I believe people have the right to protest the results of the election, but not the right to be violent or to force their way into the capitol.

Pres. Trump today made a long speech with his views but he ranted on and on. This looked bad for him and for the republicans. I vote for him and he lost that is it, I don’t like it but I can accept it.

It was bad what the protesters did today, but what do think it would have been like if Trump had won. BLM and Antifa would have burned and destroyed most of Washington D.C. and many other cities.

After 2 years the people will see what this new president and his people have done to our country and vote them out. Biden probably won’t still be president then and V.P. Harris will have taken over.

Looks like Georgia voted for the 2 Dems. for Senate. More bad news as they will control everything now. Are you all ready for your tax increases and more free stuff for illegals and people that don’t want to work.

I am also okay with $2,000. if congress will take back all the money that they voted to give to other countries. Their ready to send us another virus if and when we can get control of this one.

Keith Brooker


There’s a pill for that

“A Dingo stole my baby!”

Remember that iconic claim by a camper in the outback of Australia?

Nobody believed her once the media got a hold of it, and many people had a good laugh.

But as it turns out, a dingo really did steal that poor woman’s baby.  Tantamount to a coyote snatching one of your pets.

Mama Cass Elliot, whose unique soaring contralto has never been equaled and who tipped the scales at near 300 pounds, reportedly died gagging on a ham sandwich.

It’s been a punchline for years, and I’m embarrassed to admit, I’ve had more than one laugh about it myself.

But as it turns out, Ms. Elliot didn’t die choking on a ham sandwich, but from a heart attack directly related to her girth and appetite for saturated fats.

The media keeps chugging along, helping twist the truth on all fronts, sometimes with hilarious results, sometimes tragic.  

The boob tube has always been appropriately named — manufacturing, refining and distributing anxiety.

But don’t worry, there is a pill for that.  Side effects include nausea, muscle aches, vomiting, suicidal thoughts and tendencies, new or worsening heart failure, liver damage, stroke, lymphoma or other cancers have also been known to occur.

It’s always a quiet gentle voice letting you know the side effects, to soften the blow.  They don’t  mention the cost, because that could lead to further anxiety.  Results not typical.  

If I can’t see it grow, pick it up and smell it and know where it came from, I’m not taking it.  

They can take their powders and pills invented in laboratories for the sake of procuring patents and shove them in suppository fashion up their own sphincters. We’ve been guinea pigs long enough.  

“Soylent green is people!”   

Mitchell Seyfer


Missing Bettie

Bettie Urbana’s death left so many of us brokenhearted. My favorite columnist; so witty and bright.

Here’s an idea: How about printing some of her “classic” articles for those who never had a chance to read her most interesting stories? I know I am not the only one who loved her.

Linda Mason


Hey, mayor

Attention Rex Parris ... When will you post the plan to administer the Covid-19 vaccines to Lancaster citizens?

Stephen Henrich


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