Electoral College

Opinion page letters have been questioning the Electoral College: why do we have it when there should be “one person, one vote?” why is it fair that small states get more power? Why doesn’t my vote count? Even Nancy Pelosi, supporting dissolving the Electoral College, stated that California has the highest population and it is unfair that “we only get two senators.”

The Founding Fathers did not want tyranny of one, or the majority; thus, so many checks and balances in our Constitution. Some major debates in 1787 had a quandary. That quandary gives insight on how Congress was formed, and how we elect the president.

We were separate autonomous states forming a union for specified purposes; the Founding Fathers gave the Federal Government enumerated, and limited, powers; all other powers “…are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” To this day, that is still the case—over the years the Federal Government has been in a power grab.

The quandary: how do you give fair representation, and how do you fairly elect the President, without giving the populous states more power, and at the same time not giving the smaller states more power. For the reason how Congress was structured, the Electoral College was also devised.

Each state decides their Presidential ticket; the decision how, is the power of that state’s legislature. By 1824, only 25% of the states used the popular vote; it wasn’t until 1880 that all states were using the popular vote to choose their electors. Each state’s legislative body has the power to change that; they also have the power to not use the “winner-take-all” method—two states don’t.

Compromise between small states and large states is the reason for 2 senators, the House based on population, and the Electoral College.

R.D. Smith


Good for one but not the other

If houses of worship can be open now, why not let local restaurants offer services with their food? We could go to St. Otto’s or B’nai Denny’s.

Ivy Berr



A few weeks ago, Mike Garcia won his election by 400 votes. His opponent graciously conceded once the results were certified.

That’s democracy.

This week, Garcia announced that he rejects Biden’s victory. Of 7 million votes.

That’s a dictatorship. And hypocrisy. And cowardice.

As a kid, my best friend wanted to be a fighter pilot. It was the bravest job either of us could think of. Guess we were both mistaken.

James Tilton


A Patriot’s Creed

I can’t and won’t sit idly by

Watching our Democracy die.

I’ll stand up to tyrants who manipulate the masses

Solely for their own advances.

I don’t need their token tax break

If the price to pay is more heartache.

I demand of our leaders, regardless of wing,

To serve We The People, by doing the right thing.

Lest patriot lives be lost in vain,

Stand up to lies, and let truth reign.

Howard Millings


Come on, Jan. 20

January 20th cannot come soon enough. There are no depths this poor excuse for a president will not stoop to.

Now he has been caught on an hour long call to Georgia election officials badgering, pleading, threatening, lying to and extorting to let him win. When not making calls he is making the Medal of Freedom a cracker jacks trinket and inciting radicals to violence. This is not really surprising as the last four years taught us, just when you think it can’t get any worse, he comes out and shows us just what a corrupt bottom feeder he is.

The congressional republicans who have chosen to make him the center of their universe have left their duty to country behind and gone down a path that is not only dangerous but a slap in the face of all people who love this country.

I can see where a narcissistic megalomaniac can’t accept the truth, but what is driving these public servants to choose an inept liar over the country they were elected to serve? Please January 20th, get here before he goes even lower and does something that cannot be undone.

Garry Iversen


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