No confidence 

I been reading all the letters and Especially One American News. They have all the evidence to prove the election was a fraud. 

The most provident Lawyer Sidney Powell has more evidence to turn the Capital upside down. Trump was cheated and the Democratics did all they could to ruin a election with power and money. 

Trump needs to open a investigation into this get all the evidence and prosecute the bad liars and people like Biden’s son. There is no way Biden won this election. They have the proof and our law of Congress does nothing. This shows the election was bought and sold.

I am very disappointed in the Republicans and if Trump loses it proves he is right. Mr Trump don’t give up. I will change parties as a lot of people will do. Because our Congress and Senators don’t back the truth. How can this happen with phony voting machines and under the table trading. Wait we must be back in the 30s to where this. Capone days. There will be no truth in voting anymore and I won’t waste my time again. 

I am ashamed of the Republicans Congress and the Senators. Lost my vote in the future. I want to see if AV Press prints the truth.

John Hibert


A quiz

Not long ago a Journalist equated the campaign of 2016, to the movie Caddyshack. Yep. A regular Punch and Judy show. Trump, the media’s, Rodney Dangerfield; Jeb Bush, Ted Knight, the establishment Bambi. Sounds humorous. But, its not. Beating up each other, blinds us to enormous challenges. One, In particular is how domestic plans impact foreign affairs. For example: COVID-19. That’s right. COVID-19. So don’t nod off, there’s a quiz. 

Anyway. Despite cries of “xenophobia,” Trump bullied through, operation warp speed. However, Being a deplorable, and considered “a not well adjusted sycophant,” I realize, I could be a tad bias, on the subject. So, for the sake of objectivity, I did some research. 

In a recent AVP, article titled “Front line workers at AVH, get first doses,” (12/18), the paper explained how hospitals will take delivery on the COVID vaccine. Keep your shirt on. There’s more. 

In a Cambridge University, article, published (7/20/20), it was revealed that; despite rising deaths, in Mexico, due to COVID-19. “President Obrador, and the ministry of health, struggled to provide proper leadership.” Now, sharpen your number #2 pencil, it’s quiz time. 

Suppose you are the president, and a cabinet member told you: Mr. President; data shows we are turning the corner on COVID, but Mexico has problems. Do you: a) Go Trump, and secure the border? Or, b) Go Biden and roll out the welcome wagon? Take your time. I’ll download the jeopardy song. Good luck. 

Robert McGregor


Some ideas

Vision for the new local sales tax: My vision for the new local sales tax is to let residents dump their trash for free at the dump on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. No proof of residency required. 

Maybe that will alleviate people dumping chairs, couches and mattresses from the sides of all of our roads. Page two: Hire a company to pick up and dispose all that trash currently out there. Page three: Maybe put some dumpsters out where there is a bunch of illegal dumping and regularly collect it. Page four: Increase the fine for illegal dumping to $2K and enforce it. 

I didn’t vote yes for this tax increase and I think this would be a good use for the money. They could even supplement this new tax money with the tax we already pay on new car batteries, mattresses, bag tax and of course all the CRV $ from cans and bottles.

Brian Siciliano


It’s amazing

With apologies to Charlie Daniels: 

The Devil went down to Georgia

He was lookin’ for a soul to steal

He was in a bind ‘cause he was way behind

And he was willin’ to make a deal

Just when you think Desperate Donny cannot sink any lower, he shows the world that he can. Since the election he has been alleging allegations of voter fraud, all of which has been debunked by a host of non-partisan and GOP election officials, as well as the courts. Even the Supreme Court, which he packed with three ultra-conservative judges told him to go away.

Now we learn that he has been caught red handed on a tape recording trying to bully a top Georgia GOP official into finding 11,780 votes for him. With this latest very unethical tactic he has just made Tricky Dickey look like a saint. These are the kind of tactics that a dictator does.

Now we have Ted Cruz and a few Lemming senators and along with some members of the House of Representatives trying a coup d’état by not wanting to perform their required duty and certifying the Electoral College vote. The certification of the Electoral College is a formality.

What surprises me most, are all the posts on social media by the Trumpy Dumpty followers who believe our democracy will be taken away if President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are sworn in on January 20th. 

What amazes me are most of these people are blind as to what is happening now with their beloved leader, who is more of a Liar in Chief rather than a Commander in Chief. 

I guess they just drank too much of his Kool-Aid and lost their common sense or are now living in a fantasy world with him. 

George Jung

Antelope Acres

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