Placing blame

Looks like COVID-19 in 2021 may be worst being that the virus will like most viruses mutate as it travels around the world making a full circle.

We gasp at the spread and the rising death tolls attributed to the virus while local government demands extended shut down of businesses, masking, social distancing and threatening the populace with fines and arrest for large social gatherings.

Meanwhile China skates profits and celebrates. Its time to get serous about this pandemic start by publicly and nationally putting blame where blame is due....on China.

The million dollar question is...will Biden in 2021 as president hold China accountable by cutting all economic and social ties with China. Cut funding and support of the World Health Organization then shift that American tax money to our CDC for more research and American only pharmaceutical companies.

Time will tell on how much the Chinese Communist Party has a strangle hold on Biden by Biden’s actions or non actions as president towards China, from what I heard Biden and his family has been having business dealings with the CCP dating as far back as 2014.

Will the 80 million Biden supporters force Biden to hold China accountable or do what the liberal media has done all along by ignoring the Biden Chinese business dealings or will Biden supporters just wait until the American death toll doubles before taking action.

Miguel Rios


Already mourning

The focus column in New Years VP is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the Democrat leaning and divisive trend of 90 percent of media and 100 percent of Democrat politicians. 

It is amazing what President Trump accomplished for America in the first 3 years inspite of zero cooperation from the congress who spent their 3 years on a failed coup attempt. 

His 4th year was used trying to save as many lives as possible by fast tracking industry to produce ventilators as fast as possible, mobilizing the military to build temporary hospitals at warp speed stopped travel from China and EU under loud protests from the Trump haters, Biden was the loudest, and who admitted later that that was a good idea. 

Got pharmaceutical companies to fast track a vaccine which the Democrats poster child Fauci, loudly claimed could not be done. As of this date he has been given zero credit for. He brought back manufacturing jobs that Obama loudly claimed would never return, which will leave again under Biden’s proposed tax plan. 

I could go on but I would run out of my allotted space. If the Democrats win the 2 senate seats in Georgia, I will drop my flag to half mast in mourning for my beloved America.

Thomas Russell Horner 


Who really cares?

Did you notice that Nancy Pelosi wanted the current Pandemic Relief Checks to be increased from $600. to $2,000? That is because she is a liberal/progressive Democrat. 

 At the same time, I saw that Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in the Senate did not want to go one cent above the $600. That is because he is a conservative-Republican.

Most of them in the Senate do not believe in the federal government spending money to help people who are not rich and wealthy. In fact, a lot of them want to abolish all of the social programs including Social Security, Medicare and student loans.

So I ask you — which party really cares more about helping the average and everyday American?

Stewart B. Epstein

Rochester, New York

The ‘other side’

In a January 3, 2021 opinion “Birds of a Feather,” Mr. William Collins wrote in reference to Presidents recent pardons “Trumps tsunami of pardons and commutations as an effective guide to the most loathsome individuals,” then referred to our president as “Liar in Chief” for pardoning Phillip Esformes. 

Mr. Collins then said he looked forward to hearing from Trump supporters. I’m a Republican and voted for President Trump, however I’m not a fan of pardons and commutations by presidents or governor’s, regardless of party. This is a fair topic for discussion, but Mr. Collins article is a perfect example of how the left views the world one sided. 

Just doing a quick Google search reveals a different story. President Trump has pardoned or commuted 64 people, the lowest of any of the last 20 presidents since 1899. 

On the other hand President Obama pardoned or commuted 1,927 including 330 in his last week in office, the 4th most of any president. His pardons include Chelsea Manning convicted on 19 of 21 counts including 6 for espionage, but Mr. Collins makes no reference to Democratic presidents. 

Regardless of your political party it is disrespectful to refer to our president as Mr. Collins has. I didn’t vote for Mr. Biden, but as our president elect I will show respect. 

Just for the record the three presidents who pardoned more than President Obama were Harry Truman 2,044, Franklin Roosevelt. 3,687 and Woodrow Wilson 2,480, all Democrats.

Mike DeBry


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