Be the voice of reason

Paths are not always clear for those with great responsibility. As residents of this great Valley, we hope the motivations guiding decisions made for us, come from a good and well informed place. Just as President Trump became upset by some of Dr. Fausi’s recommendations, I can see how our leaders feel upset with Dr. Ferrer.

Managing a pandemic in the largest county in the nation, with over 10 million residents is a major undertaking. Dr. Ferrer and team take their job very seriously working tirelessly, especially with all the unknowns of CoronaVirus-19.

As elected officials and employees managing our cities, your job is a tough one even without restrictions. You, like Dr. Ferrer, must take your job very seriously and help flatten the curve that skyrocketed after Thanksgiving.

Voice it on multiple platforms that your residents must wear masks, social distance, not gather and stay home if possible. Don’t just complain and blame. Some people do not believe the data found at LA County Department of Public Health or the reality of COVID-19. Those people will always exist. It is our duty as AV residents to lead by example, not only because we believe the numbers and the media, but because it’s the respectful thing to do.

You are experts at running our city. Help Dr. Ferrer’s experts flatten the curve so we may get back to business. The responsibility is not hers alone, you also have a great responsibility. Become the voice of reason and protect our voiceless children.

M. Rosie Mainella and Mark Carter

Affirm, under Pueblo y Salud, Inc.


Just wishing

Oxford has figured out how to make jet fuel from carbon dioxide. So what will this do to the Al Gore carbon credit business?

The Pines Cafe burned down. I still remember living down the road and the good biscuits and gravy, the shakes and the fresh pies. But I remember when they built the Colton cut off railroad and the Vietnam ammunition train that was on fire that sat on the tracks north of the cafe until it burned itself out.

So with the new covid bailout for business does Plumpjack winery get more millions of our money?

Read a article about a UC San Diego employee won a supreme court decision about being forced to pay union dues to government employees union he didn’t want to join. He even got all of his back dues returned to him. Wish I could get all my union dues for 30 years back. Just wishing.

Steve Brewer


A bright spot

Just wanted to comment on Vince White’s heartfelt letter about Christmas and missing his parents.

As an avid reader and occasional contributor to the opinion page I am very familiar with Vince’s letters to the editor. What I wanted to chime in on is that I had a decades-long working relationship and friendship with his mom and dad since 1980 when I was a fresh-faced airman at EAFB.

His mom Virgie worked the over-the-phone supply order desk where I would call in my supply orders and thought she had the sweetest telephone voice even though I would never meet her till years later when I became a civilian AF employee and she got transferred from supply to the Communications Squadron where I worked. She still was our supply liaison which I depended on heavily to navigate the various supply issues I would encounter. We became close friends and I very much enjoyed just chatting with her in her cubicle. We always laughed about how we had a “phone relationship” before an in-peron one.

Vincent’s dad worked and was later in charge of our Plans and Programs section and would be my liaison for any major upgrades that came in for our Air Traffic Control equipment which I managed.

Leonard wasn’t as chatty as Ms Virgie was but he had a rye sense of humor which always made me chuckle.

I had met Vincent a handful of times over the years, mostly at the EAFB golf course where he would have lunch with his parents. I just wanted to let him know that he had wonderful parents and I’m sure he misses them very much and I enjoyed his last Letter to the Editor for this very dismal 2020!

Jeffrey Cushanick

Quartz Hill

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