COVID ‘walks’

COVID continues to walk across our border with Mexico.

Alicia Avila


Faulty choices

The COVID-19 Virus and all its deviations are still a danger to the entire world.

Death rates are rapidly increasing. Numerous answers to eradication of COVID-19 are just the opposite:

• Return of the Airforce Thunderbirds

• The Pasadena Rose Parade

• Numerous City Parades

• Many, many Sports Events

All of the above will involve many spectators at close quarters. Many spectators have not worn masks and will not wear masks at future events.

You know the answer to bodily contact and no masks. COVID-19 in its many forms will continue due to faulty choices by administrators and the public.

Keith Stucky


Appreciated articles

The text below is a tribute to the AV Press Editor, Ms. Jennifer Garcia.  Her choice of published articles are exceptional in the Sunday, January 9, 2022 publication. 

In specifics, the listed article, “Quite supersonic jet leaving,” provides readers an insight on the technology investigation for future noise accepted commercial over land passenger supersonic flight. When the quiet experimental aircraft is successful, the long awaited commercial supersonic passenger travel will become reality.

Also, the article, “Space telescope’s golden eye opens,” this is a major achievement. As a former engineering team member of the Mariner space probe vehicle sent to MARS, during the mid 1970’s, I can appreciate this achievement.

In addition, the article, “Is this century underachieving or just different, where have all the heroes gone?” I believe we continue to over look our continuing scientific achievements heroes. Examples are: Mr. Al Gore, with his “inconvenient scientific truth” that was presented over 20 years ago, and that we as a world is now vividly experiencing via Global Warming.  Because most of our populace do not understand scientific facts, they are rejected, and not believed until conditions personally effect them individually. There are many unrecognized scientific heroes.

The article, by Bill Deaver, “Green waste, political parties, Mojave projects,” addressing all his topics is especially well written, and informative to people that did not live these histories.

Jennifer, Allison Gatlin, Julie Drake, thank for you continuing outstanding journalism.

Gordon V. Jefferson


Look in the mirror

One of the major criticisms of trump is that he is not criticized enough. Some on the opinion page agree. They write: Republicans never criticize Trump. Ok. Got it.  Although, I’m not a republican, I’ll give it a shot. Trump is jingoistic, a heterodox (thx/ for word/, Mr. W) who can be exploited buy the far right.  

Now, let’s do sleepy joe. Pipe down, if trumps a heterodox, joe is sleepy.  Anyway, Joes lethargic performance is exploited by the far left. I have a theory. If you’re looking for a villain, don’t blame Trump or Biden, blame the middle class. The regular joe or jane. The 9 to 5’ers. C’mon, look in the mirror.  

In case you haven’t noticed, the nuts are in charge of the asylum. But, hey, don’t take my word. In Veronique de Rugy’s column, published a few weeks ago, in the AV Press, titled: A call to fight rising authoritarianism. She explains that, neither the political left nor right is immune to extremism.  So, here’s the question. If Rugy’s column is correct. How do we find goldilocks? Enter, P.J. O’Rourke. Author of; A cry from the far middle. He suggests that; we, the great wishy-washy, center. Radicalize, to become the far middle, and elect responsible politicians. The far middle. I like it. 

It has a nice ring. Our war cry: What do we want? Compromise! When do we want it? Now! The far middle. Abbie Hoffman’s; got nothing on us.    

Robert Mc Gregor


Stuck with ideas

It was recently announced that — for unspecified reasons — the Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs and Student Services of AVC were both placed on administrative leave. Neither is likely to return but will probably continue to be paid through the end of June. 

This is the latest in a constant turnover of administrators at AVC that has become a standard part of President Edward Knudson’s time as president/superintendent. 

Since being hired nine years ago, six vice president’s have left or been placed on administrative leave, never to return. This is in addition to a collection of deans and directors who have been fired, placed on leave or quit during his tenure. Before Knudson, constant turnover — especially in high-level administrators — was abnormal. This is a failure of leadership and a failure of the AVC Board to properly manage the leader they hired.

As the campus reopens this week — in the midst of another surge — Knudson will be serving as president and vice presidents. Of the two other VP’s we have left, one is an interim — filling in for someone who left last year — and the other has only been here a few months. 

This is not how a functioning college administration operates. All of it orchestrated by someone who’s supposed to be retiring in six months and has already moved out of the area. On his way out the door he’s making sure the next president/superintendent is stuck with his ideas of “leadership”.

Scott Lee


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