Supporting other’s rights

Samual Kantor writes on January 11, 2021 that “Kevin McCarthy, Mike Garcia, Scott Wilk, Tom Lackey and every other elected Republicans in the Antelope Valley have a duty to publicly state that Joe Biden won the 2020 election.”

I’m not seeing that in The Constitution of the United States of America or any law passed by elected officials at any level of government. Perhaps he meant to say that he doesn’t support their holding of their offices if they don’t do that.

If he actually meant the former, he is advocating for a political system wherein people do not have the liberty to hold and express their own views or to not express any view.

Examples of this kind of political system are North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela. If he intended to say the later, that he does not support elected officials unless they make such a public statement, then he is expressing his view as allowed by the first amendment and I enthusiastically support his right to do so.

I hope he supports other’s rights in the same way.

Jonathan Kennedy



Somewhere in Communist China, President Xi Jinping is smiling. Soon he will utter one word many years in the making. “Checkmate.”

God help us, many will wonder why we didn’t see it coming.

Karl Pearcy

Leona Valley

Hope for better days

It appears that Mr. Marsh disagrees with my opinion of Mr. Biden, and that’s Ok. I am basing my opinion of Mr. Biden on what I see of him, his now 50+ years in politics (according to the National Review), and those he has chosen as his support team and their stated goals with regard to our rights and freedoms.

In the National Review “Joe Biden: Not a Socialist, Just a Scoundrel where it stated that; he is not a socialist, I believe this to be their opinion. And yes I disagree with their opinion and that should be Ok too.

With regard to books written by Karl Marx and/or Friedrich Engels, nope haven’t read any of their works and don’t plan to. I don’t always agree with the submitters to the opinion page either, however respect their right to have an opinion and for their opinion to be published, that’s one of the great things about our country.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that 2020 was one of the hardest the United States, better yet the world has seen in many-many years. I’m hoping and praying that the virus can be beaten and people around the world can go back to work, kids can go back to school, businesses can reopen and we can return to some sort of normality, although I’m not so sure that normalcy in politics is achievable, I guess we can only hope for better days to come.

Larry Johnson

California City

Attacks on America

I read Sundays paper January 10th where some one wrote “America was attacked in 2021.” One has to ask where was the writer in 2020 when rioting burning looting and attacks were almost a daily event in many major cities across American including Washington D.C. Some folks are so out of touch from truth and reality thanks to the liberal media.

The writer was probably doing the Biden MIA in seeing no evil hearing no evil, what evil. Biden refused to publicly condemn the violence while running for president. Could it have been a calculated move so Biden wouldn’t lose his liberal support?

In closing lets take a quick trip down memory lane. Remember when a redhead female comedian was holding Trumps chopped head making ISIS proud, Biden wanting to take Trump behind the gym, Madonna wanting to blow up the White House, Johnny Depp the last time a comedian killed a president, ANTIFA BLM wanting to storm take over the White House and Congressmen family and friends attacked and harassed after the RNC, Robert De Niro wanting to punch out Trump etc..etc..etc..so where was the writer and his fellow Democrats ?

Miguel Rios


Should the DOE exist?

The Valley Press recently published their editorial discrediting Betsy DeVoss for her management of the US Department of Education, calling it “wreckage.” One example was that DeVoss stated that certain duties were not the responsibility of the DOE.

The question is: should the DOE exist at all? It is not a new argument that the DOE is illegal because it is unconstitutional.

The enumerated, and limited, powers listed in the Constitution, give Congress the power to levy taxes to, “…provide for…the general welfare of the United States;”in the 10th Amendment it states that all other powers, “…are reserved to the States respectively…” Education is not a power listed in the Constitution.

Since President Carter signed into law the current DOE, the department, and Congress, have been creating administrative and statutory laws controlling education which are the powers of the states. One only needs to look at “No Child Left Behind” to see the far reaching control of the Feds.

While it might be for good intentions, the argument that the DOE is there to help disadvantage and minority communities, fails. There have been numerous studies showing that charter schools have significantly raised test scores for those students. It is difficult to show how the $68 billion budget of the DOE has; but the regulations of the DOE have cost local schools millions better spent on the students.

To justify the DOE because of the “General Welfare” clause, is a specious argument. Our Founders’ writings explain exactly what they meant by the words put into the Constitution:

“With respect to the two words general welfare, I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution…” — James Madison

R.D. Smith


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