Where’s the shot?

I asked my doctor, and he didn’t know, I asked my insurance company and they were of no help except they will pay. I asked my medical group and they knew nothing. I asked the city, the county and my congressman and they didn’t know. My question was when and where could I get the COVID-19 shot.

According to the news reports and the state government, California has received over 2 million shots and has used only 400,000 of them.

I understand that there is an order of getting the shots but I am in Group 1C and should at least have some information by now.

It seems that the bureaucracy of health care is getting in the way of rapid deployment of the shots. Lots of paperwork and over organization. 

In a small town in Northern California, a clinic received 800 doses for all the health workers and first responders there. There was an electrical outage and the refrigeration keeping the doses frozen failed. With only two hours left until the doses would spoil, the clinic workers rounded up everyone they could and gave all 800 shots before they failed. Now if a small rural community can do it we in the big cities ought to be able to organize and deliver the shots quickly and efficiently. 

Every delay will result in more deaths. There really isn’t much information about the shots. No information on side effects. And no information on who pays for the shots. With all the hoopla and enthusiasm when they were approved, why isn’t there an all out effort to get everyone informed and inoculated quickly?

Jim Gardner


He did it

He said he was gonna drain the swamp. He succeeded.

In the end, Trump cost Republicans the presidency, the Senate and the House. The son of a gun actually did it. He made America great again!

Mark Jones


More conspiracy theories

According to the paper and Trump supporters the Trump supporters were peaceful and the a nus load of Antifa people drove in bus loads. 

The peaceful crowd of Trump supporters tried to stop the coup but got worse. These people bad. They have Portland, Oregon all torn up and burned to the ground. People who live there are terrified and scared to come out. 

The Democrats paid these people to do this because they were all afraid of Trump. The governor who is Democratic did not do nothing and gave them the green light because he did not like Trump. 

The one person who tried to bring this country together was supposed to be the cause. Why aren’t these people arrested and jailed. Are Democrats afraid of them. 

John Hibert


Resign now, please

Mike Garcia won his election by 333 votes. As such, a reasonable person might think he would strive to represent all the citizens of CA25. Instead, as his very first act as our elected representative, he signed up with the group of Republicans in the House that supported the terrorist attack on our nation’s Capitol. 

The reason some Americans remain unable to accept the results of the presidential election is directly related to the misinformation fed to them by political leaders such as Mr. Garcia. He cynically participated in undermining his constituents’ confidence in the most secure Presidential election of our lifetimes simply because he thought it would be good for his career, even though Mr. Garcia knows for a fact there was no significant fraud in this election.

The consequence of his actions was the madness and mayhem we witnessed this past week that resulted in the deaths of five Americans, including a police officer bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher. Even after this violence, Mr. Garcia STILL remained a party to insurrection and the attempt to disenfranchise millions of votes and voters. All for the sake of his own career. 

As a military man one would assume Mr. Garcia understood service. He clearly demonstrated he does not. He proved as much when he tossed his integrity aside to participate in a cynical stunt that resulted in the ransacking of our Capitol and the deaths of five Americans, including a police officer. 

This voter is calling for Mike Garcia to resign his office effective immediately. If he chooses not to it is up to us to force his removal. 

In two short months he has proven himself unfit to hold public office and unable to live up to the oath he took.

Mark Van Leeuwen


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