Trump loses electoral College gamble and the Republicans show their true colors

Makes sense

My family and I used to spend a lot of time and money at Butler’s Coffee Shop; it was our go-to gathering place. But we stopped when the original owners sold, and I became aware that the young people waiting on us and making our drinks weren’t getting paid. 

Now that I know that the new owner is a Trump supporter, it all makes sense. Why pay people when you can get them to work for free under the guise of “vocational training”?

Kim Rawley


Proving the point

In response to the whimpering editorial about the rudeness of people and faulting Donald Trump and his supporters the nation’s mean-spiritedness. This country has been bitterly partisan for decades-long before Trump entered the political scene. 

The editor would have you believe the Democrats are innocent lambs subjected to all unnecessary unkindness by Trump. 

Rather it is the left you by far the worse at issuing insults to those they politically disagree with and social media gives these keyboards warriors the opportunity to degraded conservative Christians on a regular basis. 

The left who decry bigotry has no problem with making prejudiced statements such as labeling all white southerners as uncouth, bucktooth, trailer trash who only marry their cousins. When Trump briefly had Covid, the left cheered for this death. 

A high school teacher told her students that VP Mike Pence should be “shot in the head.” Trump supporters who bravely wear MAGA hats are physically accosted when in public by the tolerant left. People of color who support Trump receive racial epithets by Dems. Bette Midler praised the wildfires that devastated California this past summer. 

She considered it a better distraction to Trump being considered for Nobel Peace Prize. The editor denounces name-calling and rudeness but is happy to publish such letters from Trump haters where they make all sorts of disparaging remarks to the populace.

David Durost



The United States of America was attacked in 2021. The American President was the master mind.

Miguel S. Coronado,


Just prove it

This is in response to Trump, Giuliani and Trump’s legal team and all you Trumpsters, Conservatives and Republicans who are trying to spread the fraudulent election conspiracy theory with no proof.

If you could prove it I’d believe it

But you can’t so I don’t

Since you can’t — just retrieve it

With proven fact — but you won’t


Conjecture spiced with phone stories

Seems to be your “rule of thumb”

Lies abound in all the “glory”

Making you look really dumb


But if you could only prove it

Then your cause would be well set

Every court case just disproves it

Making it a “losers bet”


Time for facts to rise and conquer

All the lies we hear today

Conspiracy theories are just “bonkers”

Truth will blow them all away

Marty Scepan


What will happen?

Will our new president be tough on China or will he and his extended family become one of the richest families in the world.

Vance G. Kirkpatrick

Leona Valley

Here’s a test

1. Do you believe every word that Donald Trump speaks?

2. Do you believe in Q anon?

3. Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

4. Do you condone what happened at the Capitol on Tuesday?

5. Do you believe Biden will raise taxes on folks making under $400K yr?

6. Do you believe Biden will make us a Socialist nation?

7. Do you believe the election was stolen (even though there is no solid proof)?

8. Will Trump be your leader even if he goes to jail?

9. Do you believe everything that right wing media says?

10. Would you jump off a bridge if Trump asked you to?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then get help now.

You are truly living in a fantasy world. While your waiting in the psych ward you can read many of the good books about the real Trump.

Mark Jones


Those pesky liberals

Those in this country, emboldened by the left, liberal haters of America and funded by fools such as Soros and others, continue to destroy our cities, no matter who is in power.

They act this way because those who govern do nothing to stop it. No jail time, no fines, not even a court case. Why? Yet those few who have fought back are facing serious jail time, i.e., the couple in St. Louis, as the killers of 10-15 folk who died during the so called Summer of Love, are still out there, destroying lives, businesses, etc.

Those on the left say: “Get rid of cops.” Easy to say and do, while you have an uncontrollable mob behind you. But what happens when Soros stops funding? Or dies? Will these criminals go home? Very doubtful. Instead, left, liberals they will turn on you. How do I know this?

Now law, no problem for them. They have canceled those who would stand in the gap and the socialcratic desires of death in the streets is on.

Skip Thacker


If you can shop, you can teach

In the aftermath of the November election, I would like to thank the excess of 2,000 votes that voted for me for the empty seat of area 3 on the AVUHSD Board.

I spent absolutely no money to run for that position. I did do a lot of knocking on doors and talking to as many parents I could about the premise that I ran on. That I can get your students, teachers and the staff back in schools safely. Shortly after the New Years holiday.

So how do they rationalize that the employees at the banks, the grocery stores, the hardware stores, the health care workers, the US postal system and many others at work throughout but not the schools? Education is amiss.

At a grocery store on 20th Street in Lancaster, I frequented before and after this school shut down, I stood there waiting. At the stand of a single mother, check out clerk, with two children, I knew. She asked if I recognized the person who checked out before me in line. She told me it was the fourth grade teacher of one of her children. So these persons can go to the grocery, but they cannot go to work themselves? Though kids cannot go to school? Why?

I know what to do to get the schools open so that the students get passing grades a lot of the children are not getting with tablets at home, which many parents I talked with told me about. One even gave me a copy of the assignment her child was given.

If they cannot get the schools open within one more month, then, the money for the school systems needs to be withheld.

When the teachers go out to buy food and other services they do not fear they are risking their health to utilize these services.

Robert Teller


No experience necessary

How fortunate we are, in the Antelope Valley, to be represented in Congress by a distinguished legal scholar, an expert not only in Constitutional law, but in the election laws of at least some of the fifty states. 

Mike Garcia “firmly believe[d] that there were constitutional errors in certain states’ election laws.” 

He obviously knows more about the law than the 50-plus judges, including all nine justices on the Supreme Court, who found no such “errors.”

Amazing for someone who is not a lawyer.

But then you don’t have to be a lawyer to fabricate lies about the election. All you need is to have your tongue firmly affixed to Donald Trump’s shoe.

Sue Brax


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