Diversity and qualifications

Can there be a more racist comment than, “Diversity is no substitute for qualifications?”

The implication is blatant. Diverse equates to inferiority. Qualified denotes white men, and maybe a woman or two. Diversity and qualifications are not mutually exclusive terms.

Yet racism is so ingrained in our society that the author of this quote will, no doubt, also claim “I am not a racist.”

Sue Brax


Hope they’re proud

4 recent crashes, 1 death, light poles and signs crashed into and knocked down. I want to thank our brilliant city leaders for the traffic circle at 15th west and Lancaster bl. Take a 4 lane street turn it into 2 lanes, put a traffic circle in and amid all the crashes be proud of yourself. Even wanting to name this idiotic endeavor after one of your own.

Had two crashes in 4 days, last night knocking down a huge light pole. On Halloween a death in a crash at this circle intersection. On Christmas a pedestrian sign knocked down in a crash. I live right behind it so I get to hear all the carnage. Cars doing donuts squealing tires at night through the circle just so much fun to hear.

I am ashamed to say I voted for each of these city leaders who voted for this carnage. Hope you city leaders are proud of yourselves.

Edward Brentlinger


Blame Newsom

For the past several months I have read some nasty comments from conservative letter writers and columnists in the Valley Press, blaming Governor Gavin Newsom for almost everything that has gone wrong not only in California but also the country.

The following examples would certainly be applauded by these conservatives.

In the last few months California has had the largest number of Covid-19 cases in the nation. Most people would agree that this has happened for a variety of reasons, Oh, what the heck, blame Newsom.

For the past two years our state has had a great number of fires in Northern and Southern California. Many would point to our president and Republican Senate for doing nothing to deal with climate change. Hey, blame Newsom.

A bunch of uneducated, irrational people in California have refused to wear masks or practice social distancing for nine months now. They say they are protecting their freedoms and rights. Let’s blame Newsom.

We have endured Trump’s recession for some time now. Unemployment has reached double digits and many small businesses have struggled. And yet our governor has not made drastic cuts in education, has refused to raise taxes on the wealthy and middle class, and has tried very hard to balance people’s health and maintain businesses from going under. Should we thank the governor? Oh hell, let’s blame Newsom.

Ralph S. Brax


Take the necessary steps

In response to “Grocery workers demand store closure Food 4 Less has many COVID cases” written on Dec 19, 2020. It is alarming that this grocery store, Food 4 Less, has at least 21 employees tested positive at the store according to the most recent information posted by the county Department of Public Health.

City officials should step in and support the employees just the way they spoke out against the Department of Public Health in regards to the handling of the COVID-19 virus.

I understand they want to support local businesses especially during difficult times like the one we are living through right now, but you cannot turn your cheek to the other side and ignore what is happening in your own backyard.

How can you preach something that you do not practice?

As representatives of our city, you should support those hard-working employees, that just want the adequate time needed for the grocery store to close and be sanitized for their safety and the safety of our residents.

In my opinion, they are taking the steps that you, as representatives, should be taking on prioritizing the health of the community residents.

They have decided to face the problem and find a solution to it, instead of blaming others and not taking action.

Therefore, instead of just blaming the Department of Public Health on their handling of COVID 19, you should take steps and protect these residents from businesses that are not protecting our local working class and city residents.

Victor Ramirez


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