Hitch, February 9, 2020

Fact checking

Fact check of Guy Marsh’ most recent fictional masterpiece.

“Deconstruction of the administrative state” is a phrase coined by Steve Bannon, meaning a system of taxes, regulations and trade pacts that the president and his advisers believe stymie economic growth and infringe upon one’s sovereignty. President Trump has taken this on since day one, which is why the economy is doing so well. No one in their right mind is ever going to touch Social Security. The left just uses the threat as a scare tactic.

“Force the departures of State Department employees who were not sufficiently loyal to King Donald.”

Of course, he got rid of them. They worked for the other guy that gave away the farm. As the CEO of the country that’s his prerogative. As the liberals like to say “elections have consequences.”

“Trump’s desire to fortify his proposed border wall with a water-filled trench complete with snakes and alligators and to shoot the legs of migrants.”

This is the problem with fake news and a low IQ audience. It’s easy to get the likes of Guy Marsh to believe such tripe.

“Perhaps the most ominous development on the domestic front has been the disempowerment of the EPA.”

I don’t recall seeing any legitimate news story indicating we are now okay with polluting lake and streams. I promise you if one drop of anything hits a waterway the feces will hit the fan.

“The goal of all of this is to create a diminutive government.”

Jack O’Connor


They don’t need more money

Trumps highest offense. He is not one of them. You know professional politician.

Only good thing about impeachment trial is it preempted the “view.”

The klown prince from Burbank keeps saying the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until he thinks someone will believe him.

How did the nazis do it, if you say it enough times it becomes the “truth.”

Now the merry carpetbaggers in Sacramento want a school bond for “safe” schools and general fund money. Proposition 13. $740,000,000 a year payment for 35 years!

Please vote on March 3 no on this Proposition 13. Sacramento is not short of money they’re short of someone who can count and manage money. They also need someone who can negotiate a contract with the crooked unions.

Steve Brewer


Kudos to Kobe

Recently, Kobe Bryant and his daughter were among the nine victims that were killed when a helicopter crashed in Calabasas, CA.

Much has been written about Kobe’s entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. There are a lot of things that I am impressed with.

The first is Kobe’s ability to speak three languages fluently (Spanish, Chinese and Italian). It is rare to play an entire career with one team. It is even rarer to go from high school straight to the pros. I liked his work ethic: Being the first one to practice and the last to leave. An article in the Los Angeles Times showed the toll basketball takes on the human body. Bryant and Derek Fisher had their feet in a bucket of ice and two ice bags on each knee.

The one thing that impressed me the most about Mr. Bryant is his concern for others. Shareef O’Neal, Shaquille O’Neal’s son, told of how Kobe called to encourage O’Neal due to transferring from UCLA, after undergoing a surgical procedure for a heart condition.

Tennis star Novak Djokovic told of how Kobe called to encourage him after dealing with injuries. Jeannie Buss told of how Kobe called regarding the death of her father.

Finally, Kobe sent flowers to an ESPN analyst who was hospitalized due to having a heart attack.

It appears that Kobe’s parents were upset because he married Vanessa in 2001. Reasons vary as to why they were upset, ranging from thinking that Kobe was too young to Vanessa being Hispanic.

Kobe’s parents did not attend his wedding nor did they attend his retirement ceremony in 2016. If there are two people who should regret how they treated their son, it should be the parents, who cannot get back  what was lost.

Vincent White


No he didn’t

President Trump didn’t release five terrorists in exchange for a army deserter or give billions of dollars to Iran.

Alicia Avila


Prove it

So the president orders an airstrike that takes out an Iranian general who was directly responsible for the deaths and injuries of thousands of people, including American military.

And those on the left, you know, haters of America, whine and complain that we killed an altar boy. To hear American congresspersons denounce Mr. Trump, you would think this general was a close relation.

The Democratic Socialist party wants fairness in the senate. You know, exactly what they denied the Republicans in the House. Be careful for what you ask for, Socialistic Democrats, you may get it and watch your heroes if they tell the truth, go to jail or be put out of office.

Can even one serious person on the Democratic side, who is running for president, stop pandering to whoever they are in front of and answer serious questions folk have? Just one person?

I would like to know exactly how you can pay for free everything for every person on the planet without taxes going up, without taking wealth from anyone who has saved $1? How? Answer that and prove it mathematically and you just may win.

Can’t do it? Then shut up and go away.

Skip Thacker


How do you feel?

Article I Section 3 of the Constitution gives Congress the sole right to impeach any person holding an office of honor, trust or profit under the government of the United States.

The word impeach simply means “being charged against.” The House of Representatives has charged the president with, first; using his position for personal gains and in so doing;

Second: Asking a foreign government to intrude in our self-determination. That is prohibited by law.

This is only the third time in our history that this has been done. If the Senate refuses to try this case, our Constitution will be hopelessly lost. Our Republic will transform into a monarchy. No longer will the will of the people matter. Your vote will not be worth the paper it is written on.

Contact your government representative while you still have a voice and let them know how you feel.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

Get serious

Will someone in our federal government ever get serious about the Federal debt of $23 trillion and climbing every day? We are now borrowing money to pay just the interest on that “loan” while the yearly deficits continue to grow. I am sure that our resident accountant would agree that this cannot continue.

Jim Brock


Prop 13

Jim Gardner: “The passage of proposition 13 in 1978 allowed us to keep our home. Now there is a real attempt to repeal or modify it. Based on the tax assessment formulas before Prop 13 passed, the property taxes on my house would almost triple. If that happens, we will be homeless.” Manipulation at its finest.

The proposed “Family Home Protection and Fairness in Property Tax Reassessments Act” would do no such thing. Its “Section 2” reads, in part: “(a) California’s property tax system currently protects the ability of parents and grandparents to pass their family home onto their children and grandchildren without a tax increase. However, loopholes in the system are being exploited — frequently by out-of-state residents and trust fund heirs — to unfairly avoid paying current fair market taxes on vacation homes, luxury estates, beachfront rentals, and income-producing properties…

“(b) Other loopholes in the system are being exploited by multinational corporations, Fortune 500 CEOs, and venture capital firms, which avoid paying current fair market taxes on business properties they acquire…”

I think Jim Gardner and others like him know that much-needed efforts to reform Proposition 13 do not seek to “almost triple” property taxes on homes. Yet they are contemptuous of public education and other social services, that they intentionally mislead toward the promotion of their abominable belief system.

Before the poorly written Proposition 13, California was a beautiful place. Its state government responded to the post-WWII population boom by significantly expanding its public infrastructure — the best system of public education, an excellent freeway system, a suburb state aqueduct, and much more. But forty-two years of typically me-centered right-wing politics has all but destroyed California. It is time to reject the manipulative Right and to reform the greed-centered Prop 13.

Guy Marsh


Free speech

Guy Marsh, I was going to ignore your hurtful letter called Its OK to burn your flags. But two of my granddaughters wouldn’t let me.

You said the American flag is nothing ore than a meaningless piece of cloth hanging from a stick. So burn your flags to your heart’s content because it no longer matters.

I spent 20 years in the United States Army and two years fighting in Vietnam against the communism that you want to bring to America.

I saw people burn American flags in Vietnam and here in the U.S. Those people hated America. So I have to ask you, do you hate America? If you don’t hate America, then you have to stop saying terribly things about her.

Saying the things you say hurts me and a lot of other veterans who fought to keep you free. Why do you want to hurt the people who kept you free?

The American flag is not meaningless. You have no right to say the flag is meaningless. Be an American or leave.

David Cooper


He forgot something

I believe President Donald J. Trump made a very good State of the Union speech (2-4-20). He rightly pointed out the State of our Union is better than ever since he was elected president.

I am pleased with the president, he has been very successful. Despite the fact the Democrats have obstructed his every effort to progress.

Since he was elected president our nation has reached many new economic highs. However one very important high the president neglected to mention. Our national debt has also reached a new all time high. Can we continue to ignore a 23 trillion plus debt and growing very very fast?

Richard Baltzley


Proposition 13

Bill Deavers February 2 column attacking Proposition 13 is a great example of why business owners are leaving California.

Taking commercial property out of Prop 13’s protection will appeal to the perception that all businesses make more money than they can spend with a dump truck, sounds like Bernie Sanders. Deaver should know that when you penalize business, the cost gets passed on to the public.

Sacramento will be a black hole for any commercial property like apartment buildings or people using their home office, grandma’s home will be next.

Detroit Michigan should have been the canary in the coal mine for the rest of the nation to see what happens without property tax protection, so much money bilked from homeowners, they had 20,000 tax default homes on the auction block with a minimum bid of $500 and only sold 3,000! Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick got sentenced to 28 years in prison for believing all that money was his.

If people could see first hand what happened in Detroit, they would guard Prop 13 with their lives, especially with the growing “deep state” in Sacramento trying to take over utility companies and pharmacy’s, the gas tax was just a warning.

Prop 13, once regarded as the “third rail” to politicians because no one would touch it but with California’s liberal majority, it is viewed as a $2 padlock on Fort Knox. Today it is the last bastion preventing California from becoming The People’s Republic of Kalifornistan.

Don Dyas


Nobody’s fool

America witnessed Democrats sulking and enraged during Tuesday nights State of the Union Address by President Donald Trump.

This was one of the best SOTU’s given and even Congressmen were saying Reagan-esc. President Trump honored the growth and success of Americans and the respect this nation receives around the world.

We watched sit on their hands and at one point began chanting against the president only to be drowned out by Republican Congressmen.

Here are six points Democrats refused to acknowledge.

1. President Trump announced that “our state of the union is stronger than ever before.”

2. Low unemployment for disabled Americans and minorities, including African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Asian-Americans.

3. The recent passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

4. Low unemployment for women in America.

5. President Trump’s request for Congress to “pass legislation finally banning the late-term abortion of babies.”

6. According to a report, Democrat Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Mark Pocan (D-WI) did not stand when President Trump introduced Charles McGee, a former Tuskegee Airman.

Can you imagine being so filled with rage and hatred that you refuse to stand up for a bona fide American hero?

In their last act of hate, Nancy Pelosi (D. CA) ripped up President Trump’s speech on camera, while smirking behind the president.

Listening to CSPAN call-in’s Joe and Jane Lunchbox Democrat registered American were incensed with speaker Pelosi saying they would not vote for any Democrat.

The American people are not the fool’s Democrats take then for.

Richard Skidmore


Things that start with P

Patronizing, petulant, petty, peevish, perverse, pitiful, pathetic — Pelosi.

Bill Heard


Hospital needed

My husband recently spent 45 days in the hospital with Valley Fever, 26 of those days fighting for his life in the ICU.

I spent 45 days getting to know AV Hospital and its amazing doctors, nurses and staff.

There is no doubt in my mind that we need a new hospital. One with better WiFi access for families of the very sickest patients, one with better technology instantly available for doctors struggling to explain disease to family and patients. A hospital that is earthquake safe and will last well Into the future.

I urge you to vote for a new hospital. If you ever need to be there, like we did for 45 days, as a patient or family member, you deserve it to be a safe, modern, state of the art facility. It’s well past time.

Denise Latanzi


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GOOD ON YA FOLKS. MAGA and you idiots air off

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