Don’t be fooled

Don’t be misled by this new tax. If approved your tax rate would increase by up to 2% annually forever unless revoked by voters and we all know how that usually turns out.

Additionally, and as printed in the AV Press (December 5, 2019 edition under the heading clarification) “only a portion of the estimated $1 billion from an increase in the County’s tax roll goes to county programs and the balance is distributed to schools, health care, education, mental health care, public safety and transportation.”

Does anyone actually believe that the deserving firefighters and paramedics will receive any more than a small portion of the funds with the largest portion going to non FD entities?

Richard McCaughey


Find someone else

As I print this, Jan. 17, this is what I see.

During the House impeachment proceedings, the Democrats denied the Republicans witnesses, access to meetings and other not so fair things.

Now that the shoe is on the correct foot, the Democrats are trying to bully the Senate majority leader to allow them to call witnesses they failed to call in the house.

The Republicans control the Senate and while the Democrats whine about unfairness, they fail to look at their own actions in the House — just claiming that they called who they called. How does reverse deja vu work? Apparently well.

I have warned those who demand witnesses to be very careful what you ask for. Do you really want Comey, Strzok, Ohr, Simpson, Brazile, Holder, Lynch, Steele, H. Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, H. Biden, J. Biden, Schiff, a (I believe) non-existent whistleblower, et al, to be user oath and testifying? Knowing the penalty for lying to the Senate is very harsh? Do you?

Being asked under that penalty, under oath, about cover-up emails, fake dossier, DNC collusion, lying to the court, spying and wire tapping the Trump campaign and many other efforts to overturn the 2016 election, are you sure you want this?

Sadly, most Democrats do, because they know that no matter who they put up to run against Trump, that person will lose. Large.

So, we will see. The best, I believe for the Democrats, is to cut this off now before it blows up in your face.

Find a person who is who he or she says they are, is more middle of the road, age worthy, doesn’t need a teleprompter to speak with force and can win over the undecided, independents and moderate Republicans.

Does such a person exist? I think so.

Skip Thacker


A poem

There once was a high school district

Whose Board was no Sunday school picnic

Though they fought “tooth and nail”

None went to jail

Although some seemed as dumb as a “dipstick.”

Marty Scepan


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