Stop instilling fear

There is absolutely no good reason for politicians (mostly conservative-Republicans) to scare our senior citizens and threaten to cut Social Security retirement benefits.

There is no “crisis.” Virtually every serious, non-biased study has concluded that the Social Security Trust Fund is fully solvent through 2034. After that, it will be able to provide 76%-79% of benefits for the next 60 years beyond 2034. Does it need to be fixed? Of course it does. But it does not have to be done today. And there is no need to cut anyone’s benefits.

One of the many relatively simple “reforms” that can be made was offered by Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie in 2015.

I literally sat in the same car as Arizona Governor and presidential candidate Bruce Babbitt in 1987 when he said that what we should do is to “Means-Test” Social Security benefits.

For example, we can make Social Security fully solvent well beyond 2034 by reducing the benefits of those with a yearly income of, say, $80,000/year and higher by a certain percentage. As Babbitt said to me, “Do multi-millionaires really need the same Social Security benefits as a poor senior citizen?”

I call upon all Republican Party US Senators and Congresspeople to stop scaring our senior citizens.

Stewart B. Epstein

Rochester, New York

Very disturbing

In the Valley Press AP article, 2/3/20 about the businesses in South Florida that benefit from various details for the Super Bowl, does anyone find this disturbing?

To qualify, the business must be 51% owned by a woman, minority, veteran, or LGBT. Now if one of the above were not allowed to bid for the business, the liberals would cry discrimination.

But not allowing a white heterosexual non-veteran man to bid for these job is not discrimination. I find this disturbing and you should too.

Thomas Gallagher


‘Beloved and


The first sentence of the February 8 editorial in the AV Press (FBI chief warns of Russian info warfare) was, “Here we go again.” Indeed, it’s Russia-Russia-Russia, again, and again, and again.

The Mueller Report showed there was about $160,000 spent on Facebook and other social media by various entities possibly tied to Russia. The report concluded this did not affect the results of any elections.

Consider that over 2.6 billion dollars were spent on the 2016 presidential election to give perspective to the threat posed by the “fictional personas, bots, social media postings and disinformation” the editorial anguishes over.

Yet the editorial concludes, “Our nation is being tortured by Russia’s ongoing interference and we’ve got to put a stop to it.” Tortured by bots and posts?

What we need to put a stop to is over three years of non-stop hysteria by a biased press. The media breathlessly reported bombshells about the walls closing in, overwhelming evidence, Cohen implicates the president, Stormy Daniels, the creepy porn lawyer, campaign donation violations, foreign emoluments, collusion, obstruction, bribery, quid pro quo, Ukraine, impeachment, and always and forever Russia-Russia-Russia.

Our nation is being tortured, but it’s by tabloid sleaze and hyperbole masquerading as journalism. Journalists set aside all pretense of objectivity in their never ending, but always failing, attempts to besmirch our duly elected and beloved president, Donald John Trump.

Bill Homan

Myrtle Beach

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