Pass the bond

When I as a native of a large eastern city and first moved to the Antelope Valley in 1973, the contrast to a big city and the East Coast climate and environment was stark. But it was a welcome relief from frequent blizzards, insects and insufferable humidity.

The wide open beautiful vistas are a welcome trade-off and I have been pleased to call this wonderful valley my home ever since. The big city of Los Angeles with the usual city amenities is always available without the traffic and other burdens of having to live there every day. The AV is great place to raise a healthy family.

I was then one of a very small number of medical specialists and even smaller number of surgical specialists. The medical staff in general and especially the hospital facilities were barely adequate to meet the most basic of community needs. But the area has since changed markedly.

Palmdale Hospital, Lancaster Community and High Desert Hospitals are gone replaced by Palmdale Regional and an expanded Antelope Valley Hospital. The medical community is now first class in marked contrast to before. I am now retired but it has been my pleasure, pride and honor to have been a part of and very involved in that transformation over the decades.

I write this scenario to strongly encourage the passage of the current bond issue for the deeply needed new hospital to be built on the current AVH campus. The need for the facility to maintain our high quality of care cannot be overstated. It is a critical need not only for medical care but for the growth, maturity and also the pride that our wonderful valley and home is now developing.

Please vote an enthusiastic yes for a new AV Hospital.

John Manning


How low can it go?

“Lordy, I hope there are tapes!” exclaimed FBI head James Comey long ago.

Well, there is a tape! The recording made at a casual dinner with donors and confidants reveals Donald Trump firing a career diplomat whose name and exact position he did not know based on hearsay remarks made by Lev Parnas, a donor/advisor he claims not to know.

The fact that the president retains the right to hire and fire diplomats at will does not make this exchange any less frightening. Supporters of the president expressed no surprise or apparent disapproval for his firing, willy nilly, of a highly qualified career official based on zero documented evidence.

I can just hear them saying, “He didn’t break any laws!” Can the bar for presidential conduct move any lower?

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

Firing back

My recent letter published in the Valley Press seems to have rustled a few feathers.

Mr. Jacob Pickering should remember that, we still are innocent until proven guilty and no piece of evident presented has yet to prove any wrong doings by our president and hearsay and gossip is not evidence.

The really culprit is social media. Historically it’s easy to recount the actions and personality of previous presidents that were reprehensible but few knew about it. There are accounts of drinking, gambling, prostitution in the white house but you won’t find it in the history books. Tweeting, texting, e-mail tend to magnify even the most innocent comment or action. Now days, if you open your mouth you’re in trouble.

And finally, Vincent White took exception to my recent letter in which my purpose was to express my frustration with all the Trump haters and their constant harping on the president and their inability to see any good. (A Time Magazine editor wrote this week that Trump handled the Iran situation very well). He made my letter appear, in his mind, a racist rant. I was not.

The fact that other writers have expressed their opinion does not make it any more that just their opinion. Mr White should understand the frustrations of white Americans when blacks getting consideration is not afforded to whites.

When a job is offered and awarded to a black person because he is black and not because he was qualified. When the black first lady delivers a graduation address that is full of racist anti-American remarks and noting is said. Yes, the Obamas were not perfect either.

Jim Gardner


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