‘Hardening of the attitudes’

The president’s “Make America Great Again” mantra not-so-subtly hearkens back to a time when white men controlled every major aspect of American society. As we progressed into the 21st century, such dated paradigms fell from favor among most Americans who realized that one need not be white and male to have constructive ideas, make sound decisions and even legislate.

The photo of the newly elected Republican members of Congress makes clear that things are still pretty much unchanged regarding ethnicity and gender.

But Donald Trump is hopelessly fixed on a template that allows little room for anyone female, brown or gay to be treated as equals. He clings desperately to a time when men were men ... and they were white ... and they held all of the power.

Trump’s solution to complex immigration issues is reminiscent of bygone days. His insistence that a physical wall will solve all of the nation’s immigration problems is as absurd as it is behind the times. He seems unwilling or unable to accept that current technology is much more useful in strengthening border security.

The same mentality that anchors the president to days gone by when he felt America had reached the summit of greatness, impairs his ability to seek modern solutions to very current problems.

“Hardening of the attitudes” perhaps?

So, as his government shutdown enters its second month, let us all hope that the commander-in-chief will finally listen to someone in tune with the world as it is and not wax nostalgic for the world that was.

Jarold Wright

San Rafael

Register bicycles

In today’s (28 Jan) AV Press a letter writer put forth that bicyclists pay DMV fees on their motor vehicle and do not need to register their bicycles.

I cannot drive my truck in the bike lanes, so my fees should not be spent maintaining them for a select few. As far as lowering pollution, I will give you credit there. When it comes to congestion, little used bike lanes contribute to congestion by reducing the amount of lanes that motor vehicles may use. It is time to register bicycles!

Andrew McElhaney


A disaster waiting to happen

I just saw an ad on TV for conserving natural gas.

“Turn down your thermostats to save precious Natural Gas” it wails. Put on your mukluks and Michelin man jackets instead of having a warm residence.

Doesn’t everyone know that natural gas is the “green” way to power our “throttleable” electric generation plants when the renewable sources can’t produce enough? Nuclear plants don’t burn any carbon-based fuels, but apparently they are not “green” enough.

I wonder how many people will supplement their gas heaters with electric ones, since saving only the gas is being asked.

If we are already at the point where the “green” sources cannot keep up with demand, initiating conservation of energy ads, where will we be when there are 10, 20 or 50 times the amount of plug-in battery powered electric vehicles than currently on the road? Where are they going to get all the electric power required to recharge them? Oh, you will be asked to not use them or only drive three miles per day. Maybe you could use your bicycle, instead.

This has “disaster” written all over it.

Barry Braman


It’s all about the power

A corrupt Congress allowed the opioid epidemic. Allowed big pharma unlimited price increases. Allowed highest health care costs, even double average costs.

Supporting over 800 health insurance companies, affordable care is impossible. No other nation carries 25 to 30% administration costs on health care.

Corporations will continue driving U.S. into deepest debt and destruction.

The fools’ only concern is political power.

Ken Garrison


Vets deserve the best

The artists concept of the highly touted Palmdale veteran enriched neighborhood dwelling looks like a rendition of a 1950s duplex on some Army base.

Perhaps low-income housing is less about quality and sustainable lifestyle and more about  lining the pockets of developers. Lobbying efforts by the powerful housing industry have saddled some communities with cheap, ugly housing under the guise of helping. Our veterans and valley deserve better.

The Jurupa, California veteran enriched neighborhood shows a beautifully landscaped community with attractive single-family homes with tiled roofs.

Perhaps some blame lies with our local politicians not demanding the best.

Bend, Oregon is a role model of what affordable housing should be. Some of their first homes with Craftsman-style exuded that welcoming vibe, which is timeless. They now also have trendy loft housing in historic downtown. Their partnership with Habitat for Humanity has produced housing, which the entire community embraces.

Affordable housing done right is a win-win situation. Lancaster was on the right road with the affordable cottages they built on West Avenue I, years ago.

Our veterans deserve the best.

Sandi Duvall


Leave well enough alone

So what is going on at AVHSD with the new board members? They need websites now and they need their own attorneys just for the Board, why?

And who is this new consulting group and what are they bringing to the district that warrants $75,000 for the rest of the year? Is this some new, untested method of teaching that they want to try out? We see how that has worked when Washington has gotten involved with education.

Let Dr. David Vierra run the district and Board members stop thinking you know best.

Some of these people you want to hire are their friends or relatives. We have always had a lot of nepotism in this Valley and definitely in Washington, so that would not surprise me if that is the case here.

I have lived in this valley for over 60 years, my children and my grandchildren and my great grandchildren have all gone through the high school district and they are all successful adults, so why the change? Dr. Vierra has done a good job as superintendent of the district, has worked well with the previous Boards.

Paula Norris


Just so you know

Prayers for David Vazquez. My grandson was going home from work when a 16-year-old boy, evading police, ran head-on into him and he is in critical condition. He’s the father of two boys, 13 and 14. This happened in Tennessee, but all his family lives in Palmdale (mother, father, two grandmothers and more). I’m just letting people know what can happen to innocent people. Prayers are the answer here.

Josephine Martinez


Yankees in the Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Mario Rivera “The Sandman” of the New York Yankees. I always enjoy watching him pitch. Now the Hall of Fame needs to put two more players of the most successful American sports team, The Yankees, greatest third baseman, Graig Nettles, and the captain, #15, the late Thurman Munson, who was the first team captain since another great player, Lou Gehrig.

Come on, Hall of Fame! Welcome two more great players #9 Graig Nettles and #15 Thurman Munson.

Kim Kelly


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