Listen to their peers

Pueblo y Salud and the Prevention Community Council are heartened by the recent decision of the Lancaster Planning Commission to deny an alcohol conditional use permit (CUP) to an applicant and would like to commend the Commission for their actions.

They have grasped the nature of the problem, alcohol outlet concentration and its solution. This was made evident when Chairman Vose asked questions related to sensitive uses, undue concentration, distance requirements and the use of waivers. It is also clear that Mr. Vose and other members of the Planning Commission have a good understanding of these elements because of their tenure on the Planning Commission. This kind of understanding does not come over night.

In our 30 year experience, people have taken issue when questioning a business person attempting to apply for an alcohol CUP. An underlying principle that may be at the heart of this reaction is the assumption that the applicant is a good person until there is proof to the contrary. To assume otherwise goes counter a precept that, at least in this county, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

The issue is not the character of the business person/applicant. The issue is and has always been alcohol outlet proliferation concentrated in certain areas of our community and its negative impact on residents exposed to such environments, especially our youth. This problem is impacting gravely upon the health and safety of residents of Palmdale’s zip code 93550 and the same is occurring in areas of Lancaster, as well.

New Planning commissioners would do well in listening to their more tenured peers on this matter and understand that the questioning is not personal and must occur however difficult it may be. There is no ill will in trying to protect your community.

Xavier Flores

AOD project director

Pueblo y Salud, Inc.


Some thoughts

I have a few thoughts on some recent letters and columns.

First, I loved Judy Watson‘s letter on all her new labels that she had never even heard of a few years back. I guess I’m in the same boat.

Ed Galindo’s letter claiming President Reagan fired 11,000 air traffic controller‘s for threatening to strike is completely wrong. Reagan fired over 11,000 air traffic controller‘s for striking and refusing to return to work. They were warned. That’s leadership.

And a recent article from a New York writer claiming that century old Joshua trees were destroyed by off-roaders in Joshua Tree National Park, because of the government shutdown, was misleading at best.

First, I hate the thought of any Joshua being destroyed. I have a dozen in my front yard that I started from seed 20 years ago. Some are as tall as I am now. I understand that homegrown Joshuas grow a little faster than native Joshuas, but any Joshua tree destroyed by an off-road vehicle would have to be in its infancy. Nobody is going to drive over a hundred year old Joshua.

Biff Baker

Antelope Acres

Shame on you

Saturday morning, Feb 1, 2019, I found a dead dog wrapped in a trash bag in front of my house in West Palmdale, obviously dumped during the night, Friday the first, in the pouring rain.

I called animal control right away. They said they would be out ASAP. The poor creature was still in my road, Monday the 4th, so I called again.

I was assured they would get it that afternoon. Well, the dog was still there Tuesday the 5th.

I called again and was told it would be put on the list, (I don’t know how it got off the list). I was also told they have one officer servicing our area. He said the city of Palmdale won’t pay for anymore.

It was finally picked up sometime after dark on the 5th of February. This is a totally unacceptable. That is five days.

Shame on you who dumped this dog in such a disgraceful way, shame on the animal control for not getting it sooner and shame on the City of Palmdale if this is true, that we only have one officer in this area.

I am sad and sickened by this whole situation.

Karen Jacobs


Watch out in 2020

I watched the State of the Union and had good and bad moments.

I really enjoyed seeing the many invited guests. Also many of the things President Trump said were not accurate, (but I wish they were).

I think Trump made a good speech. The many things that I didn’t like were the attitudes of our California representatives Pelosi and Harris.

Also all of the very nicely dressed-in-white ladies that sat like stones during the president’s speech. I think they made their point, although not a good one.

I believe the next two years are not going to be good for our country. After the election in 2020, if one of the super left Democrats wins the president, look out, all of the working middle class will be taxed higher to pay for their giving free things to everybody (including illegals).

Keith Brooker



Will Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Joy Behar have their careers destroyed due to their black face transgressions?

Will the progressive cult hold their members to the same rules they want to impose on everyone else? Don’t hold your breath.

Dax Agner


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