Pronoun police

The news out of Sacramento is that apparently, the people of one state senate district have elected a person, not to write legislation that helps all Californians, not to be a voice of reason, not to do the actual job description of a state senator, but to be the pronoun police.

So, I ask those of you who think that our leaders are allowed to not work on state things like budgets, infrastructure, crime (real crime) illegal immigration, health care, job creation incentives, taxes, education and a host of other things facing our once sensible state, why do you keep electing folk like this senator, who clearly has problems with pronouns?

I don’t care about your political party choice — Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, etc. How about you do the right thing? Listen to what comes out of their mouth, read their past opinions, do this with every serious candidate and then, perhaps, you can actually vote for a person who will actually do the job they are elected to do, not fixate and waste time and resources on pronouns.

Skip Thacker


What a showdown

Not since George Washington has an independent candidate won the race for the White House.

Several have used their candidacy to promote ideologies, policies and social reform.

Some seem to have run only to stoke a rambunctious ego. Whether we like it or not, establishing oneself as a candidate free from loyalties to either of the two major parties has some troubling effects, mainly that an independent candidate draws votes from the main nominees, potentially skewing the results slightly one way or the other.

History has shown us that Ralph Nader, Ross Perot and several others captured just enough votes from one of the big party contenders (ranging from 6% to 14%) to result in a tighter than necessary race, or even an unsuspected loss by the popularly favored candidate.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is now toying with the idea of throwing his hat into the ring, running as a “independent centrist” in 2020.

Despite his snowball-in-hell’s chance of being elected, he appears to be serious. Another billionaire, blinded by a privileged life in which he is surrounded by underlings feeding him with like-minded chatter serving as balm to his egotistical impulses.

What bigger and better test of one’s self- image than to run for the nation’s highest office? In response to the Schultz announcement, Trump Tweeted, “I agree with him that he is not the ‘smartest person, Besides, America already has that!”

Wow! Egotist vs. malignant narcissist. What a showdown! But as long as Schultz siphons votes from the president’s Democratic opponent, Trump will exploit the move and allow Schultz to distract the press from the multitude of substantive reasons Trump is an unfit president.

In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying my coffee at Peet’s.

Jarold Wright

San Rafael

Why not?

Most other developed countries vote either on a weekend or have made Election Day a holiday, according to research by Pew. Why not America?

Miguel S. Coronado,


Pray for him

Do you realize that God sent Trump as a Cyrus (Isaiah 45) to this country, to secure us.

He may not be a Christian, but he does champion Christian causes and causes our founding fathers championed. When are we going to stand up and support the leaders that are standing for us, regardless of how clean their skirts.

The man isn’t obviously Christian, but are we going to let that stop us? Did not Esther marry a heathen king and in doing so save her people? Can we do any less? Let’s support the man who is supporting us and start speaking with one voice to change the downward spiral erosion of our values and the truths we hold dear.

I never thought I would see when we are saying truth is a lie and calling a lie, truth. Please prayerfully consider acting on this and join me in praying for our president and what God is doing.

I know this is gong to offend some of you that I hold dear, but I am refusing to be silent, for unless we change our course, we will lose this country to evil we have never seen the likes of, we need to follow what God is doing and not our own interests.

Our country was saved from England, by people who did not look to protect their assets including their lives, they pledged it all to the cause of Freedom, can we do any less?

Deena Des Voigne


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