Climate change is real

On Wednesday of this week, another writer wrote that “this rainy season seems to have pushed it off the pages of most sane newspapers.”

Global warming and/or climate change is not a hoax, but an all too true reality confirmed by reports of members of the left and right spectrum of our society.

The extreme wintry weather that we have been experiencing is a direct result of the warming of the arctic ice caps and a subsequent dropping of the arctic jet stream to a lower and lower latitude, thus bringing colder air and weather further south.  It is ironic that in the same edition of your paper, there was an article stating that “one-third of Himalayan glaciers will melt by the end of the century due to climate change threatening water sources for 1.9 billion people....”

Jim McNaughton

Quartz Hill

The shutdown hurt

This is in response to a letter writer’s 2/7/19 letter that stated he’d welcome another government shutdown until the wall was funded.

He’s absolutely 100% wrong because his position seems to support wasting $2.8 billion, which occurred during the last shutdown and millions, if not billions more in the future.

Here’s why:

The average wage is about $36,500 a year (about $100 a day). There were 800,000 federal employees involved in the shutdown. That equals $80,000,000 million a day, times 35 days or $2 billion that the taxpayers paid out for nothing.

The writer’s position seems to be advocating throwing away another $80 million a day during another shutdown.

Perhaps the writer may have allowed a political ideology to override his presumed logic and intelligence.

To advocate throwing away $2.8 billion plus another $80 million a day on top of that, doesn’t seem to be a very wise position to me and I’m sure that the vast majority of the American people, including the writer’s fellow conservatives feel the same way.

Marty Scepan


Personal damage

The damage to our country by this last shut down of the government was vast. The personal damage to the plus 800,000 employees has not yet even been calculated. The gains by the president were zilch!

The president received nothing for his “wall.” In three weeks will we have to do it all over again? If the president declares a national emergency he may force Congress to provide him funds for his “wall” or use the Armed Forces to take over the border.  

This will, of course be opposed to and will end up in the court system, as was President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

With the same results.

How much of the president’s irresponsibility’s can our country endure?

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill


The high school District Board needs to re-think it’s agreement for websites for Board members.

A company who’s primary business is events and entertainment planning does not sound like the idea firm to make a website. And apparently there was no attempt to have others website companies  make competitive presentations. ( there are several who are based in the valley).

The cost of $4,000 to $5,000 per website is far and away more than most others charge.

A good website costs only a couple hundred dollars and no way near $1000 per year.

If the Board decides to go forward with these expensive web sites then the use of them needs to be monitored. If they are not used, close them down.

In following the recent actions of the Board, it appears that many votes are 3-2 with the same three board members voting together. This, of course, brings into question whether there is collusion between these three which could be illegal.

The law requires that Board meetings be advertised and open to all. The Board members are expected to transact business during meeting and not meet secretly for what ever reason.

I’ve been involved with the high school district for over 40 years and most Board members that I have met are good people who want the best for the kids in the district. Block voting on issues suggest something else.

Jim Gardner


Follow the money

According to the front page story of the AV Press on 1/24/19, various AV high schools are considering a consulting contract with a child behavior specialist.

Its website, according to the story, says it is in school districts and county offices, yet does not name the district, county buildings, department or even the county or state.

The proposal calls for five months at no more than $75k. That is $15k a month, if used fully. As with all things, I strongly suggest that the School Board delay a decision, until it fact-checks what its told, with solid proof from users of this specialist. Call me old, but it’s the parents’ job to teach accepted behavior, when that fails, as it so often does, then the law enforcement folk get involved.

Not knowing for sure, but knowing that the high schools mentioned in the story are, at least, continuation schools, where unruly brats are sent, just what her rate of success is, also not mentioned in the story.

No, its true I don’t live in Lancaster or Palmdale, but as a parent of five grown adults, I can tell you that home discipline is always best.

Follow the money, folks.

Skip Thacker


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