Blanket statement

Politicians and pundits all state they are speaking for the majority of American people regardless of the political party they represent.

They all cannot be correct. What American people are they speaking of and how is it they are never challenged for such a blanket statement?

R. Sorensen


Embrace roundabouts

Roundabouts in the Antelope Valley? Embrace them, by God!

I have landed at London airport 10 times. AT least half of these times, I rented at car at London Heathrow. Approaching my first London roundabout (at Hammersmith, I think), at highway speed, no stopping — (wrong side of the road) — I was scared spitless. But only once.

All told, I have driven in all three nations of the United Kingdom — plus the Isle of Man.

In short, roundabouts are efficient and neat. Rule Britannia!

Kenneth Nickel


Programs needed

After reading that front page article dated Jan. 30, that Cal City students will receive aviation training, I question whether these students are academically ready for such training.

When the entire school district is ranked within the bottom 50% of all school districts in California, based on math and reading proficiency scores, the district should focus their attention on the basics.

As a former shop teacher, most students need to know basic skills and learn the tools, materials and processes of industry before venturing into any career like the aviation industry. Many students can’t even measure down to a sixteenth of an inch on a standard 12” ruler and have poor communication skills, to boot.

Let’s be honest! District leaders need shop programs like metal and woodshop that will teach kids practical skills and avoid putting a course out there just to make them look good in the eyes of the community.

Dennis Tope


Defending the Joshua trees

Reading the article in the AV Press about the Joshua trees in our desert gives me pause to vent.

What kind of person would purposely (unreasonable to believe it was accidental) destroy a plant that has taken years and years to reach maturity? Give me a break!

Elinore Patterson


Another shutdown

Looking forward to another government shutdown if we don’t get funding for the wall.

Garardo Hernandez


Sounds familiar

Judy Watson’s letter of Feb. 4 sounded like she was describing me, except for the gender.

Why did we all become racist, homophobic, islamophobic, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, extremist, bigots and deplorables only after the community organizer was elected?

I thought he who knows all, sees all and walks on water was the great unifier. Or did we all just miss something?

Steve Brewer


Anger in America

“What do we do about the anger in America?” Very simple: Find out what the electorate-majority wants done, and do it. As long as the Liberals and Reactionaries think they know better than the Majority, the frustration and anger will remain. So tired of being ignored that they will vote for an idiot like Trump, just to express their anger with our two extreme parties.

Will Brown

Canyon Country

Quick study

Congratulations to the new AVUHSD Board members, in such a short time, you have already mastered the art of “how to spend someone else’s money.” Bravo!

Francis Chen


Not everyone should be encouraged

I enthusiastically encourage all patriotic U.S. citizens to register and vote in all elections. I only ask, they acquire some knowledge of the candidates and issues.

The party you choose is irrelevant. I suggest you decline to state a preference, to remain open-minded.

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Ethics is the science of morality and conduct.

Do you consider it ethical to encourage people who have no interest in politics to register and vote in our elections? People who don’t care and have no knowledge about the candidates or the issues should not be urged or prodded to vote.

If we require all citizens, and even sometimes, non-citizens, to register and vote, those voters will easily be induced to make unwise and destructive decisions — decisions that affect our lives, our freedom and our prosperity.

Often, these voters are threatened by labor unions and party zealots to comply with their partisan demands. Is this the kind of ethical conduct we should encourage and promote?

Example (ballot harvesting),a change in California state vote by mail procedures, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. Allowing anyone to collect and turn in anyone else’s completed ballot. No questions asked, no verified records kept. An open invitation to large-scale vote buying, voter fraud and coercion. Such as reported in California, by democratic campaign aids, by walking through homeless encampments and paying or offering cigarettes for their signature on previously marked ballots for Democratic candidates. A similar fraud known as granny farming was also employed.

Richard Baltzley


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