Kudos to Pitts

and PSD

Julie Drake’s article (2/07/19) did a thorough job chronicling not only the work to be done at Chaparral Elementary School, but highlighted the leadership of its principal, Mr. Tom Pitts.

Now retired, I spent 12 of my four decades as an educator in the PSD system and had the pleasure of working under Tom in the early 2000s.

As the administrator of Oak Tree School, a part of PSD’s Alt. Ed. Program, Tom was instrumental in upgrading the program’s curriculum and the administration thereof to match that of the rest of the district’s schools.

This assured that when the Independent Study program students and the population at Oak Tree transitioned back into their neighborhood schools, there would be no gap in their learning.

I feel confident that the “makeover” will certainly be complete under Tom’s direction. Kudos to Tom Pitts and PSD.

Charles Houston


Praise Trump

At the SOTU, Trump devoted a good portion of his speech to make the case for his signature campaign proposal — a southern border wall.

Trump said, “This is a smart, strategic, see-through steel barrier, not just a concrete wall. Simply put, walls work — walls save lives.”

Why cannot the Dems see this? Why can they not see it’s value to benefit everyone? This is a country divided.

Sixty-five countries have or are building security walls, while the far left and American Liberals adamantly oppose Trump’s effort to increase effectiveness of the U.S. effort to block illegal immigration.  

Without a wall, there is easy access to drugs, gangs, criminals. Leftists believe these beliefs are racist and threaten American values. The Leftists are wrong!

Plus, during the shutdown, the country added another 304,000 jobs last month alone, to which this very newspaper ran an editorial.  

Trump stated, “an economic miracle is taking place in the United States. The only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics or ridiculous investigations.”

Adam Schiff smiled, I consider him the enemy.

President Trump then introduced Alice Johnson and Matthew Charles. Trump commuted their sentences. These are small and powerful great things. That I say are MAGA. As long as we have Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker and too many others to mention, there will always be conflict.

 Trump could save the planet and do miracles — and these people would still fight and rip clothes and knock teeth out. Just because he’s Donald Trump. A country divided.

God bless America.

Phil Denny


Not yet

AVTA has a problem with their electric hybrid vehicles. On cold days, they break down. Rumor is that running the heater wears down the battery. So, if your route is not Route 1, an extra hour waiting is the best case scenario.

If the bus affected is the last run of the night, you will be walking. I’m all for the positives of the hybrid system, but I don’t think converting the whole fleet is a good idea. Not yet.

Michael Morrison

Quartz Hill

How much

is too much?

I am not a judge nominee, a theatrical celebrity, a politician nor are there any unbecoming school yearbook photos.

I no longer have a career to jeopardize. This prompts me to ask how much sun exposure do I risk this coming summer before I am falsely accused of wearing blackface?

Will liberal amounts of white zinc oxide smeared on my face supplant criticism from the left wing but earn derision from the right wing for posing as one of them. Such a conundrum in today’s world.

Larry Kissam


It’s not true

Ken Ford’s assumption that I hate capitalism is inaccurate. As a Marxian socialist, I understand that, like mercantilist society, feudalist society and hunter-gather society before it, Capitalist society once served a vital roll respecting human social evolution.

But so, too, do I recognize that, in outliving its usefulness to humankind, Capitalism has become a counterproductive force. As such, it must soon give way to the next and most logical stage of human social evolution — Socialist society.

Ford: “(Marsh) thinks the U.S. economy can absorb one million immigrants each year; a capitalist economy.”

Yes, according to several sources, the U.S. economy could easily absorb one million new immigrants each year. Indeed, given the U.S.’s ever-declining birth rate and its aging population, such an infusion is imperative.

The fact that the U.S. economy is the world’s dominant economy has everything to do with the fact that the dollar is the world’s reserve economy and because U.S. hegemony is enforced through a ruthless military juggernaut. It has nothing to do with the mere fact that it is a capitalist economy.

Finally, Ford’s intimation that “some (migrants) are probably fleeing (socialist) governments” is also inaccurate.

For the governments of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras stand amongst the world’s best examples of governments that cater to the economic desires of Capitalists.

Being mostly free of trade unions, environmental regulations, worker protections, child labor laws and other profit-ruffling regulations, returns on investments are quite high in those countries. Their governments are, in fact, Laissez-faire capitalist governments.

Guy Marsh


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