It’s spite

There was a letter writer on 1/18 saying that the president is holding thousands of government workers hostage in a game of chicken. He is terribly misinformed, it is Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats that are the ones responsible for the shutdown.

The president is offering concessions for the wall funding such as DACA, but he could give them everything they want and it still wouldn’t be enough. Thing is, not long ago, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and Hillary all said we need border security and agreed to a wall.

The Democrats spite of President Trump is what is holding things up, they refuse to give anything to get anything, they just want what they want and forget what is good for the country. I just hope Trump doesn’t cave and he holds his ground or declares a national emergency and gets done what needs to be done.

Greg Dougherty


Maybe they can just resign

I can recall a time not too long ago, when local politicians set their sights on building public trust and working toward goals that enhanced the lives of their constituencies.

School board members should have just one constituency, our children. When School Board members forget their role, when they allow their donors, or their egos, or worse, their lust for power and self-promotion, or some other dysfunction to drive their decision-making, they hurt our kids.

Here we are just two months after which our 2018 election cycle deposited two new high school Board members and brought a change to its Board presidency, and trouble is already brewing.  

We now have a majority of our high school Board indulging their own egos, satisfying their own need for notoriety and for some unknown reason, feeling as if they need their own personal lawyer.

Why do these three Board members need their own personal $5000 websites, when the district already has a web site? Why do they need cell phones, paid for using public funds? And why do they need their own personal law firm, when the district already has one of the best in-house attorneys in the state, and one of the most prestigious law firms in the country under contract?  

What did the three of them do, or what are they planning to do that would require paying separate counsel?   

It is time for these three Board members to answer to their constituency. It is time for them to explain their behavior, egos, lust for power and their blatant wastefulness of our tax dollars.  

Or, maybe they can all three just resign and save the public the cost and trouble of a recall election.

Jeffrey Ferrin, MGIS, MA, MEd

Past Board president

Palmdale School District

‘Rehab racket’

For many years Pueblo y Salud lobbied San Fernando and the Antelope Valley to reduce the number of liquor licenses. The so-called non profit group (paid well and totally publicly funded) said a high number of alcohol sellers caused over-consumption that leads to alcoholism, drug dependency and finally, crime. Accordingly, if there were fewer outlets, there would be fewer problems.

The current prevention coordinator for Pueblo y Salud recently wrote a letter in the AV Press. She wrote how a human gene (unnamed and still to be identified) quickly leads to addiction.

This gene is so powerful that she wrote that parents should beware if their child is prescribed Vicodin, after a dental procedure. According to her, (if your child has this addiction gene) in a week or less, your child could have a problem.

If she is correct about this powerful addiction gene, Pueblo y Salud’s agenda to decrease alcohol and tobacco outlets makes little sense. Fewer outlets would not change the number of persons carrying the gene she blames for addiction.

However, neither their theory of oversupply or that there is a human gene responsible for addiction has been scientifically proven. Still, she cut to the chase in the conclusion of her letter.

She wrote, “Pharmaceutical companies should pay for rehab programs.” Coincidently, this could be yet another source of income for Pueblo y Salud and other so-called nonprofit groups in the substance abuse and rehab racket.

Bill Homan


Overlooked road

I live near the 40th St. East and Pearblossom Highway and it’s a heavily traveled road, daily. In fact, between State Route 138 and Sierra Highway, it looks like its in dire need of repair!

Now I know that large trucks use the road Mon.-Fri., but I’m not faulting them for the lack of repair. Several years ago, there was an attempt to fix the “right lane” going in both directions by repaving it.  Then came the rains. Then came the potholes. Then came the patch trucks. Now it’s almost worse than before it was paved! You have to drive almost outside the lane to avoid damaging the vehicle from the patch, the missing patch and other road damage. I’ve seen other roads in this area get repaired much sooner than Pearblossom Highway.

I don’t know who’s supposed to be in charge of road repair, but obviously this road is being overlooked.

Mike Chiodetti


He finally did it

Wonderful News, after only two years in office, Donald Trump has solved the crisis of global warming. With record low temperatures, the Democrats will probably take credit for the global temperature change.

Eric Gordon

Leona Valley

Do you get it?

There was a recently published letter critical of Pastor Shane Idleman’s column. I have read these columns and see no reason for any criticism. Idleman can make any comment he wants to, why is this writer so critical just because Obama was mentioned, “we have to stop making this about race?”

The statement is made about Megachurch Pastor Robert Morris, a white man, and he was with African American pastors to find out how they felt. And goes on to say that Idleman has not done this. How does this writer know this?

 He said that Idleman stated: “hatred and racism do exist, but from my vantage point, not to the degree they are being portrayed.”

I will say this, in this world in which we live, there will always be racism and there will always be hatred. They will never stop. Do you know how long never is? For the writer to say that he is “disappointed with comments,” you know what? I’m going to end there — and I believe our readers will get exactly what is meant. God bless America.

Phil Denny


Looks like trouble

So there’s apparently an “axe-throwing center” coming to town. Really? Is this something we need? Whose bright idea was this?

With the huge number of unstable people in town, this is just begging for trouble!

Brian Emch


Anything the government can do, private business can do better

I completely agree with Patty Akad. The Guidance Charter School should be given permission to open. The only reason it hasn’t been given permission to open is because the Liberals hate the idea of losing control of government schools. Private business can do everything better than the government can do anything.

And the answer to a writer’s question about Matthew 25:35 is that in Jesus’ day, he didn’t have to deal with foreign invaders who are taking jobs from Americans and committing horrible crimes against Americans. Things are much different now.

David Cooper


Dispute resolved

I know how to settle this border wall dispute in the blink of an eye. Don’t pay the Congress members until this dispute is resolved!

Betty McLaurin


Americans are important, too

In reference to the article from New York Times- Valley Press January 30, 2019: Joshua trees may take centuries to regrow.

The government shutdown for 35 days, illegal entry into the park resulted in 300 years of damage. The park wasn’t protected; laws and rules were deliberately ignored and disrespected.

I would like to think that Americans are just as important as Joshua trees and perhaps, just a wee tad more.   

Linda KC Reynolds


Trying to find dirt

How many millions and millions of tax payers’ dollars are being spent by politicians trying to find dirt on the opposing party? Looks like both parties suck!

Gary Hansen


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