Up in smoke

Trump and the Republicans are not the only ones giving corporations big tax breaks – the California Democrats plan to reduce the excise tax on the marijuana industry from 15% to 11%. Our tax dollars are going up in smoke.

Joseph Orwat


Remember the discussion

Re: discussions at the recent board meetings of the AV Union High School District.

Wow there seems to be friction between the three new Board members and the two incumbents.

Discussion on the “contract” with D’Vacor Entertainment Group should not have been on the Board agenda as:

1. The superintendent had not “vetted” the contract and

2. The district counsel, Bridget Cook, had not reviewed the contract.

3. Is there a “conflict of interest” between Board Member Ruffin and the D’Vacor Group, since she has had business with them in the past?

When someone volunteers to be a Board member (via election) they must be aware of the commitment of time they will endure. I was a Board Member for 10 years, many years ago and I know that time and effort must be given to your position. Will a website for each Board member help them in doing their job, I don’t know, but the student trustee knows it can.

Listen to the student trustee, Noah Sveiven, his information on this matter was informative and he was able to explain another way the district could create websites for the Board members at a much cheaper cost.

The Board has to realize they are working for the students, to provide an education program to prepare for the future but within the budget.

As to the renewal of contract with Mandate ResourceServices LLC, not having a discussion before the vote to deny the renewal was not good board business. Contracts such as this involves lots of money and if an organization can recoup monies and they have done successful business in the past, why do you need to change?

Remember Board members, there is always “discussion” before a vote is cast.

Miik Miller


An amazing experience

In the January 20th article, “Scaled-down Women’s March returns,” it was reported that “A few hundred” demonstrators participated. If this is a misprint, I ask you to print a retraction. I have marched in all of the Women’s Marches in Los Angeles, and though the numbers may be less, there still was an impressive turnout! Thousands of marchers, all ages and all sizes, attended. It was another amazing experience!

Thank you.

Catherine Conterno

Quartz Hill

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