Sounds good to him

Though there’s no great details about Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “Green New Deal” at the moment, what we do have is a resolution outlining goals for the program.

There are environmental goals that rest on the premise that, absent dramatic action within the next decade, there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences as a result of climate change.

Those goals include generating 100 percent of power in the U.S. from renewables within a decade (from its current 17 percent), creating a vast high-speed rail network, making significant changes to agriculture, and upgrading every single building in the U.S. so that they’re all energy efficient.

In addition to the proposals that are directly tied to the environmental issue, there are promises of expanding unions, providing free college, free healthcare, affordable housing, “healthy food” for all and general “economic security.”

So, while we cannot put a specific price tag on the wish list, it’s quite safe to say if all of the provisions were carried out, the cost would be in the tens of trillions of dollars.

Sounds good to me.

Miguel S. Coronado


Lock down the checkbook

It was a welcome announcement that the new governor has decided to terminate the high speed rail project, (sort of). He has decided to complete the section already being built between Fresno and somewhere north.  His claim that it will spur economic development in the area. How? It really be a monument to Governor Brown’s folly.

I am sure lots of people are breathing a little easier now that many will not lose there property or be displaced.

There are lots of questions remaining. First, is the governor going to let the construction go until all the current money is gone? They should just cut and run.  

Second, what about the $800,000 that was given to Palmdale to study a new station? Is that money to be returned? Will Palmdale keep it? What about right of way properties that have been purchased? Will the seller get to keep the money?  

It seems to me that the state should lock down the checkbook on the project, finish what has to be finished and return unused money to the state or pay some off the bonds.  

Governor Brown kept his head in the sand and never really wanted to believe that the project was not viable.

Jim Gardner


No one makes more claims

Which Tax Return: So you want to see the tax return on a billionaire-turned-politician? The smart person would want to see the tax returns of politicians that became millionaires

“I probably work more hours than almost any past president,” Donald Trump announced, adding that he “had no choice but to work very long hours.”

But Roosevelt and Wilson were  idlers next to Trump.

“No president ever worked harder than me,” he declared.

Some might think Trump’s hard-work assertion reflects a doth-protest-too-much compensation for perceived laziness. He has likewise boasted that “nobody has been tougher on Russia,” that nobody “has been more with the military than I have as a president,” that “nobody wants to speak more than me” under oath with the special counsel, that “nobody believes in the First Amendment more than I do,” that “there’s nobody that respects women more than I do,” that he is “the least racist person” and that “nobody reads the Bible more than me.”

But this is to be expected of a man with a very good brain and the best words.

Gene Sannes



Economy is booming, unemployment is down, companies are expanding and building new factories.

Yet Democrats continue to resist President Trump’s success and fight for the destruction of our nation.

Democrats keep yelling “Impeach Trump” while it’s Pelosi and Schumer that should be impeached.

Judy Watson


Where have all the good tamales gone?

When the family lived in El Monte, off Tyler Street, on the way back home, we would stop at this small store across the street from the San Gabriel Mission.

My mom would pick up a dozen tamales for $1. They smelled like tamales, tasted and looked like tamales. What’s more, they were loaded with chunks of meat. Yes, meat. Not like our tamales of today, 99% dough and 1% meat.

They say, what this country needs is a 5-cent beer. I say, let us have a 75-cent old fashioned tamale.

Yes, a tamale that smells, tastes and looks like a tamale. Yes, also a tamale loaded with meat, not a tamale sprinkled with a thin layer of meat.

Never mind the cloned tamale, but rather, these old fashioned ones. I miss them, don’t you? I also miss that blue-and-yellow coach from the Helms Bakery, don’t you? Oh, that glazed doughnut!

Douglas Valpey


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