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Ban vape

It’s good to read that a device created to help adults quit nicotine addiction is actually working, for adults.

In the health circles, what I hear from my colleagues, are the negative effects it has created among our youth.

As with other inventions created for the good of humankind, vaping was turned into something that is attracting kids to create future consumers.

Kids are enticing one another to try vapes, not realizing the harm. Have you tried cotton candy flavor? How about doughnut with sprinkles? Fluffy cloud? I wonder what that would taste like?

The creation of 150,000 candy flavor vapes has caused a high rate of nicotine dependence among young people that even the FDA took notice and hosted a webinar on 1/18/19. They are working on a way to right this wrong.

The surgeon general also spoke on this issue in an article dated 12/19/18. Adults who struggled to quit would tell you, they would not want to see kids hooked on nicotine.

Pueblo y Salud proposes being proactive and adopt and enforce local policies in the cities of Palmdale and Lancaster and in unincorporated areas of the A.V. The policies should ban those products such as flavored nicotine/vapes that target our kids.

M. Rosie Mainella

Prevention coordinator

Pueblo y Salud

and concerned mom


You don’t understand

You don’t understand. What don’t you understand? You don’t understand that when someone loses someone they really love, really love, the pain is intense and life changing. There are no words.

The one left has been shattered, his soul and mind are in tatters, perhaps for the rest of his life. Nothing will ever be the same.

And yet, please try to be understanding and gentle even though you don’t understand.  

Don’t pretend that you do. You don’t.

Ray Carver


Many thanks

We bought a travel trailer and I decided to install an electric brake controller, researched and purchased one online with proper adapter for our truck.

Two months and a lot of aggravation and head scratching, still no power to rear plug. On advice from a friend, I went to the dealer. Ram/Dodge dealer. The biggest truck dealer in the west they say, with the newest lot and building in the west, so I’m getting ready for bad news, ($$$$).

I go to service department and the service writer explained that parts department will handle this, so I drive around to parts department, I give the parts man my VIN, he researches for 10 minutes, no fix.

Parts man goes and gets service  manager, 15 more minutes of research, no fix. Service manager goes into shop for shop foreman, just catches him heading to lunch, but this man grabs some tools and a tester and heads out to my truck.

Fifteen minutes later, he finds the wire needed unhooked and under the carpet. Off to get more tools and another tester, power to the wire, yeah.

This gentleman told me which wire to splice into, packed up tools and testers and I hope, went to lunch.

No paperwork, no charge, just a friendly goodbye. I didn’t get their business cards or their names, but they know who they are and to them and the dealership et al, thank you guys again.

You turned what I figured to be an expensive pain in the %&# into a great day for this old goat.                                                                                             

Billy McGowan                                                                                             

Antelope Acres

Please explain

As I’ve pointed out before, one letter writer thinks that somehow the wage slaves (as he calls employees) are going to be able to convert their labor into income without any capitalists providing the capital that enables such a conversion.

He provides no clue as to how Starbucks employees could turn their coffee vending labor into income without the capitalist Starbucks organization providing the land, buildings, brewing machines, point of sale payment system, HVAC, tables, chairs, bathrooms and the thousands of other non-labor inputs necessary to get a coffee into the hands of someone who wants to trade some of their wealth for it.

Maybe the Marxist-DeLeonist structure of governance has a solution to that. I call upon the letter writer to give a brief outline of how it would work.

Jonathan Kennedy


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