God save us

The world we live in today is far too complex for any one person to thoroughly understand.

Intelligent people seek counsel from experts when dealing with convoluted issues in which they lack expertise. Not our president, though. Not only does he not seek the advice of experts, he shuns any suggestions that don’t line up with his implausible preconceptions.

His vitriolic attack via Twitter on the unanimous consensus of his chosen intelligence experts illuminates his dangerous, closed-minded inclinations. After promising to get “the best people” to staff his cabinet, he is unapologetic in referring to his intelligence team as “extremely passive and naive.” He declared, “They are wrong! Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school!” So much for getting the best people. Perhaps the oft-repeated phrase from his bogus campaign that we should be focused on is instead, “Only I can fix it.” God save us!

Jarold Wright

San Rafael

Lethal injections

You can’t give a lethal injection to a murderer in New York, but you can give one to a baby.

Judy Watson


They’ll believe him

All Trump has to do is tell his base that the wall has been built. Then, Fox News will show its viewers photos of sections where there is a wall and Trump’s people will buy it.

They’ll believe anything he says so we can save billions by telling them it’s a done deal.  

Remember this? “You can fool some of the people all of the time.” — Abraham Lincoln.

Trump has proven Abe right. I can think of a half dozen letter writers who will be satisfied with that lie. I can hear them now, blissfully saying “Trump kept his promise and built the wall.”  

The Great Deal Maker didn’t get Mexico to pay for it, did he? Maybe Trump will tell his fans that Mexico did, indeed, pay for it. They’ll believe that Mexico paid for a wall that wasn’t built if Trump says so. Who voted for this guy?  Admit it, already.  

Bill Pappas


A threatening world

The Mexican, American border is not just a line on a map. In the American people’s imagination, it has become a symbolic boundary between the United States and a threatening world.

In the absence of a social contract, Thomas Hobbes memorably described life in a state of nature as “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” and characterized by “a war of all against all.” In a state of nature no-one would be strong enough to live in total security.

Miguel S. Coronado,


Not fake news

It is unfortunate that Mr. Jarold Wright chose to focus on Howard Schultz’s wealth and overlooked the fact that Howard’s father was in the Army and later a truck driver; Howard grew up poor and was not privileged.  He worked hard to get to where he is today.  Look it up, it’s not fake news.

Francis Chen


Smoke and mirrors

Ann Coulter is seldom right about anything, but one thing she said is absolutely true: Both Republicans and Democrats want illegal migrants here, though Republicans are politically smart enough to pretend they don’t.

Democrats want them as a permanent and fast-reproducing voter base: Republicans want them as a permanent supply of non-union cheap labor. The rest is just smoke and mirrors.

Will Brown


Time for a recall?

Thanks to the excellent articles written by Julie Drake, readers of the AV Press were informed of the inexplicable and costly decisions made by the three member majority of the AV Union High School Board of Trustees at its January meeting.

They not only rejected thousands of dollars from the state to reimburse the district for mandated programs, and hired a law firm to represent individual Board members, but also approved $75,000 to hire a “child behavior specialist” for three months, to create a program which, according to her, would develop “a holistic educational model based on the science of child development.”

Could it be time to launch a recall?

Ralph S. Brax


Road needs help

After seeing the front page on Friday about the horrible accident on Ave. D west and 60th Street West reminds us of how dangerous that road is.

When we drive on it, cars race past us and it is only a two-lane highway as it becomes the 138 highway.

How can we get it widened so that faster drivers can pass us safely?

Gary LoGreco

Quartz Hill

I know I promised, but I changed my mind

I want to try get a new job I’ve always wanted and I fully expect my current employer to pay for my job search even when it will take a year of more.

I expect to get my full salary while I’m looking and I expect to come back occasionally to do a little work while I’m working on getting a different job title.

I don’t believe this is too much to ask of my current employer, even though I fought hard to get the job I have now and made a number of promises to other people while I fought to get my current job.

But that was then and today is a different day and those promises don’t mean anything anyway. I think this should work, as it seems to work for Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

Gene Sannes


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