No apology until Trump apologizes

Thomas R. Horner: “Mr. Marsh’s classification of Trump supporters was very offensive to me. He owes all Trump supporters an apology.” 

I stated that Trump’s supporters are simpleminded and gullible, which was an observation rather than an invective. It was no less accurate than Trump’s “We won with the poorly educated. I love the poorly educated.” 

In 2015, while being driven away from a group of supporters, Trump said, “Look at these people. It’s literally a little bit sad.” 

He also referred to his voters as “disgusting.” So I’ll apologize after Trump apologizes. 

Horner: “I hope Mr. Marsh regrets voting for Biden after the last three weeks.”

As I wrote within the letter to which Horner reacted, “I voted against Trump by voting ‘for’ Biden even though I hadn’t voted for a Democrat since 1984.” 

As a socialist, I dislike liberalism and don’t support liberal politicians. Ergo, I chiefly regretted my vote for Biden the moment I cast it. 

However, the danger posed by Trump (read: the establishment of a fascist state) was so apparent that I had no choice but to vote for Biden. (The fact that many people lack the knowledge required to understand that liberalism and socialism are opposites is not something I have control over.) 

Horner: “The Democrats have never favored equality for Black [people]...” 

That’s true. But the same is true respecting Republicans. 

Too, never before had Thomas Horner exhibited concern for issues and events that negatively affect Black workers. Therefore, the cynical, manipulative, and disingenuous use of Black workers toward his defense of the revolting sociopath Donald Trump was quite evident. 

The few and largely meaningless things Trump did for Black workers were far outweighed by his having furthered segregation, not to mention his stoking white supremacist violence.

Guy Marsh


You might be a uniter if ...

I’ve been reading lately about how politicians have defined what it means to unite America. I thought I might list a number of ways not to be a uniter.

1. You are not a uniter if you declare Donald Trump was responsible for the violence on January 6, and then days later state he did not provoke the thugs who stormed the Capitol. And lastly declare that everybody was responsible. Take a bow Kevin McCarthy.

2. You are not a uniter if you continuously tell us that the election was stolen and that it was filled with fraud and that ballots were hidden in a vault. Get over it.

3. You are not a uniter when you were eager to vote for a $3 trillion stimulus bill to largely benefit big corporations but are reluctant to support a $1.9 trillion package to help the unemployed, produce more vaccines and back a $1,400 stipend for the poor and middle class.

4. You are not a uniter when you carry a concealed gun onto the floor of the House.

5. You are not a uniter if you still don’t believe that a group of ideologically motivated, violent right wing extremists were behind the riot on January 6.

6. You are not a uniter if you are glad that Georgia Republican, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is the new poster child for the GOP.

Ralph S. Brax


Get a shot

If you are a senior in the AV, where can you get the covid-19 vaccination locally?  Go to and for those who do not have computer access call 1-833-540-0473.  

If you go to the web site, you will be asked several common questions to verify eligibility. To find a local pharmacy scroll down to the pharmacy section, and scroll down until you find a local pharmacy, select the pharmacy, and complete the information to schedule a vaccination.  

If your preferred pharmacy does not have appointments find another on the list.  I tried COSTCO but they did not have appointments, so I selected Rite-Aid and now have a scheduled appointment for a vaccination.  

Curt Redecker


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