No Socialist there

Miguel Rios: “I would be more than happy to share true-life stories told to me by my parents and family of living under dictator [Rafael] Trujillo... Any AV socialist takers?”

As this forum’s only socialist, I can assure readers that the Dominican Republic’s late dictator Rafael Trujillo was nothing that approximated a socialist. The fact that the uninitiated Rios — who sees socialists behind every tree, bush, and shrub — desperately needs Trujillo to have been a socialist changes nothing.

Although he was aligned with the authoritarian Right, Trujillo was so extremely self-serving that his “ideology” became known as “Trujilloism,” which may be likened to “Trumpism.”

Much like Trump, Trujillo was such a vehement anti-Black racist that he oversaw the ruthless expulsion of Haitian immigrants residing in the Dominican Republic. And as I have demonstrated repeatedly within this forum, racism is distinctly anti-socialist.

Trujillo did, however, practice a mostly open-door policy toward Jewish, Japanese, and Spanish immigrants. But that was widely viewed as his effort to raise the number of light-skinned people in the Dominican Republic.

Rios: “I’m reminded of the many horror stories my parents told me about living ... under ... Trujillo and how he came to power by dividing and pitting people against each other.”

Given that readers know Rios to be a Trump supporter, that statement’s irony should be lost upon no one. After all, Trump unrelentingly stoked this society’s divisions and synchronously supplied oxygen for White nationalist extremism’s growth through his open embrace of conspiracy theories and racist rhetoric.

So perhaps Miguel Rios shares more in common with the late Rafael Trujillo than I and all other socialists. In any event, Trujillo was no socialist, and no amount of ignorance-filled, obsessive anti-communism is ever going to alter that fact.

Guy Marsh


That’s some legacy

The Republican Party is filing for bankruptcy. Moral bankruptcy. Following the January attack on our Capitol by insurgents devoted to Donald Trump, Republicans are chasing their tails trying to demonstrate fealty to the Insurrectionist-in-Chief, even though Trump was instrumental in provoking the uprising in the first place.

Evidence brought by House Managers was overwhelming. Even Mitch McConnell acknowledged the truth in the impeachment charges brought against Donald Trump. In McConnell’s sanctimonious speech following the trial, he condemned the ex-president’s actions. “Former President Trump’s actions preceding the riot were a disgraceful dereliction of duty,” he declared. The senator admitted that claims that Trump had fomented an already violence-prone mob into action with his made-up election fraud charges.

McConnell summed it up by stating, “And their having that belief was a foreseeable consequence of the growing crescendo of false statements, conspiracy theories, and reckless hyperbole which the defeated President kept shouting into the largest megaphone on planet Earth.” Problem was, McConnell had just voted to acquit Trump of all charges. Too little, too late.

Could it be that Mitch is seeking to have Democrats do his job for him? His urging to file criminal charges against Trump would put the ball solidly in the Dem’s court, allowing McConnell to stand back and sling criticism at every move made to hold Trump accountable.

Such cynical strategies are McConnell’s trademark. What a pathetic legacy this soulless man will leave behind.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

Leave Parris alone

This text is prompted by a Letters From Readers article, published in the AV Press, Sunday, February, 7, 2021, submitted by Mr. David Stilwell, of Lancaster, entitled, “Fix the real issues, Parris.”

Yes, I agree with Mr. Stilwel’s issues to be fixed, as outlined, such as, needing to remove homeless panhandlers from our “streets of Calcutta,” as he

describes them.

However, Mr. Parris with the city structure can not solve the homeless issues by our selves. As a member of the Los Angeles County Civil Grand Jury, July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020, our Jury investigated the LA County homeless issues and offered corrective solutions to the County Board of Supervisors. These recommendations are contained in our final report, accessible on line via, then access 2019-2020 Los Angeles County Civil Grand Jury Final Report.

With the listed report topics, access the “Home Sweet Home” report, you will find our recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors. These are the people that you should be “throghing rocks at” not Mr. Parris alone.

In addition, while our social ills are being addressed, Mr. Parris with our city administration are perfectly correct in promoting a Hydrogen Fuel “society.” Because, without very determined corrective actions now to replace fossil fuels, with a Hydrogen fuel economy, our planet is doomed for our grandchildren.

Gordon V. Jefferson


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