Turning the tables

The preoccupation and obsession with former President Trump is revealing. It reminds me of the mania of the allied nations and the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI. This treaty was very punitive against Germany, one of the most traditional and well-educated of nations, and drove them into the arms of the despot Adolph Hitler.

What the progressive left is creating today is just what was done to others following the French revolution in 1789, the Russian revolution of 1917 and is currently being done to the Uighur in China and the Rohingya in Myanmar (Burma). All produced tragedy.

Many who preach tolerance and diversity today, when they themselves are challenged they react in a rancorous torrent of vile speech, writing and actions revealing an underlying muddle of blind intolerance, hatred and fear of a differing opinion. 

When opposed they attack rather than rationally discuss things. Many pass judgement but do not like to be judged themselves and activists repeatedly rebel against religious belief in the God of Judaism and Christianity that teaches principles through the 10 Commandments.

Present-day talk of retribution, re-education, de-programing, cultism, superior attitudes and ethnic identity has been done before throughout human history, starting with the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt thousands of years ago. The modern leaders of today are based in Congress and governing behind the scenes at the White House. Biden is a side-show. The “useful idiots” to use Lenin’s term, are following in lockstep behind them. 

A good start would be for the media to return to straight reporting and not try to create a narrative. A recent Associated Press headline that said, “Trump’s free speech defense open to dispute” is editorializing and is not reporting. This is just one of multiple examples.

John Manning


Some thoughts

Sorry to hear that Rush Limbaugh has died. I really enjoyed listing to him for many years on KFI 640 until that station canceled his program. 

So how bad is our planet warming? Look at the bad snow and ice in many of the states. They are not able to have electric power as the snow and ice are covering the solar panels and freezing the wind turbans from making electric power. 

The U.S.A. wants to go all electric which is not possible without gas or coal fired power plants. We will be unable to power all of the electric cars and homes without overloading the power grid. 

Do you all like it when your electric power is shut down for days or weeks? Another good idea by our new President to shut down the pipe line from Canada.

Good news for me, I have had both of my 2 corina shots and no bad effects after. Just hope that it works.

Keith Brooker


Thank you

Thank you brave deputies and firefighters, for the outstanding job you both do in protecting us.

Do stay well and safe.

Douglas Valpey


Warming the earth

We have a new president and already he is destroying American jobs by stopping the pipe line. As we follow the United Nations IPCC dictates on global warming, we will help the developing world increase their jobs and manufacturing at the expense of the US and the European Union.

The amount of co2 in the atmosphere will probably increase as the developing world will have few restrictions on CO2 emissions.

Not to worry, the earth primarily heats and cools according to natural cycles of heating and cooling. It always has and always will.

From 250 B.C. to 400 AD we had the Roman Warming period. From 900 AD to 1300 AD we had the Medieval Warming period and they were termed optimums as civilizations prospered during these times. Man is responsible for less tan 5% of the CO2 in the air.

Perhaps we may even survive the Biden president.

Vance G. Kirkpatrick


Thacker’s theories

To the surprise of Nancy Pelosi, et all, the second try was just as much a failure as the first. Note to the morons in Congress: Mr. Trump is no longer president, has been largely quiet since 1/20/21 and I suspect, laughing out loud that you can’t let it go.

To John Kerry: So you want 11,000 folks plus their families to move to China to make solar panels, now that President Biden destroyed their jobs? Since up to 90% of solar panels are made out of our country, isn’t that what you are saying?

If the rest of President Biden’s first 100 days are as poorly done as the first 25 (as I write this), then its very possible we will be in a 1930s type of Depression of which we may not come out of for a long time. Another 4 million jobs destroyed, huge areas of major cities abandoned, gas at $6 per gallon or more, 2 million small businesses gone forever, schools unused still.

So Austrailia is responsible for the COVID virus not Wuhan, China. Or wait, the doctor in charge of the W.H.O. who is not a medical doctor (why is that), is in bed with the Chinese government. Yes, yes its true, he is. Look it up.

After a year, China finally allowed the W.H.O. to investigate its labs. After a few weeks, Surprise! China not guilty, Austrailia an island nation, several thousand miles away, guilty. 

This from the organization that got zero correct at the start of the pandemic and still can’t see the truth due to millions of Chinese yuans, no doubt converted to American dollars and euros. These people couldn’t get the color of the sky correct if China said it is green. 

Skip Thacker


Still supporting Trump

My response to William A. Collins III 2/18/21 letter; Trump 2024. Regarding the opinion page headline on 2/13/21, Impeachment trial video, Should have been ‘Another witch hunt video.’

Gerardo Hernandez


Facts vs. Fox

My letter responds to a letter in today’s paper titled “don’t take our oil.”

Obviously the writer is conservative and that’s ok. But the writer should quote facts not Fox. Yes, we have a choice: Facts or Fox. 

The situation in Texas is due to bad weather and a lack of disaster preparedness. Not due to a New Green Deal. We have no such deal. It is a concept thrown out by AOC and others but no such legislation has been passed. Governor Abbot has been back peddled recently about his comments blaming windmills and solar as the cause of the deep freeze. He has recently stated “that the core problem is a failure of all systems.” Not just solar or wind. Nice try. Fossil fuel power plants, natural gas systems, solar and wind all failed he said. 

Not to mention the Texas arcane power distributor that prohibits sharing power with other states. They’re tough there in Texas. How is that working out? 

Texas needs to sort out their political energy system issues and upgrade the system. Call it weather and chuckle. Ask someone on the ground about it and it’s not funny. It’s cold. 

Remember who has been in charge of Texas for 20 years. Republicans. Don’t try to blame Dems for a self induced problem by Republicans. I guess you could ask “Lying Ted” but he’s traveling to a warmer climate. What a guy. 

The U.S. needs to upgrade many infrastructure systems. The last four years have not got much done. Lots of talk but little action.

No one is taking our oil but it would be nice if we could use Texas oil now to help Texans. 

Bob Deal


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