Turning the tables

The preoccupation and obsession with former President Trump is revealing. It reminds me of the mania of the allied nations and the Treaty of Versailles ending WW I. This treaty was very punitive against Germany, one of the most traditional and well-educated of nations, and drove them into the arms of the despot Adolph Hitler.

What the progressive left is creating today is just what was done to others following the French revolution in 1789, the Russian revolution of 1917 and is currently being done to the Uighur in China and the Rohingya in Myanmar (Burma). All produced tragedy.

Many who preach tolerance and diversity today, when they themselves are challenged they react in a rancorous torrent of vile speech, writing and actions revealing an underlying muddle of blind intolerance, hatred and fear of a differing opinion.

When opposed they attack rather than rationally discuss things. Many pass judgement but do not like to be judged themselves and activists repeatedly rebel against religious belief in the God of Judaism and Christianity that teaches principles through the 10 Commandments.

Present-day talk of retribution, re-education, de-programing, cultism, superior attitudes and ethnic identity has been done before throughout human history, starting with the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt thousands of years ago.

The modern leaders of today are based in Congress and governing behind the scenes at the White House. Biden is a side-show. The “useful idiots” to use Lenin’s term, are following in lockstep behind them.

A good start would be for the media to return to straight reporting and not try to create a narrative. A recent Associated Press headline that said, “Trump’s free speech defense open to dispute” is editorializing and is not reporting.

This is just one of multiple examples.

John Manning


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