Don’t take our oil

Well, well, well ,,, what now Climate Czar, John Kerry and AOC? What’s plan “B” when wind and sun fail your plans.

We need oil. And cheap oil. We were self sufficient with our oil production with Trump in the White House. Did you notice how gas prices jumped the minute Biden banned the Keystone Pipeline not to mention massive job losses in a nation already suffering.

Bad move, Joe. Just what our country needs in the middle of a pandemic. Do you even realize, that those huge Wind Turbines have motors the size of Greyhound buses, and each one takes 500 gallons of oil. Strange as it sounds, a few years ago, I read where our planet is on a wobble and going through a 30 year cold phase. Has it started? This cold freeze covering 2/3rds of our nation, is breaking 100 year records. Obviously this happened years ago. It’s called weather. Maybe this little article I read is true. Ya think?

Judy Watson


Everything is great

I suddenly realized that the Green New Deal as joyously presented by some people may now be rethinking their wishes.

Frozen wind-generating windmills snowed under solar panels, solar panels getting ripped off roofs as huge piles of snow come tumbling off roofs. But not to worry, Mr. B has stopped fracking and oil search, so all is right with the world.

You think.

Gene Sannes


Speak up

The Feb. 14 editorial, “Home isn’t always a safe place,” shed light on a critical topic: Undetected, unmitigated child abuse as a consequence of pandemic-induced stay-at-home orders.

As you pointed out, the likelihood that more children are suffering from maltreatment behind closed doors is high. In many cases, the only people with eyes on these kids are the adults responsible for their care, which may be the very same people inflicting abuse.

The reality is: Child abuse escalates when families are stressed or overwhelmed. For most parents, the past 11 months have produced the greatest and most prolonged levels of uncertainty and anxiety of their lives.

And yet reports of child abuse are down significantly. It is estimated that upwards of 250,000 incidents of child abuse in the U.S. were not reported in 2020.

My team of specially trained therapists at The Children’s Center of the Antelope Valley care for children who have experienced abuse and neglect.

While we have continued to provide therapy throughout the pandemic, we are bracing ourselves for what we suspect is on the horizon. We won’t know the extent of neglect and abuse inflicted on local children until they return to normal activities, where they can be seen by adults outside their homes.

As schools resume in-person learning and children return to daycare programs, mandated reporters like teachers and coaches will once again have the opportunity to protect the health and wellbeing of these kids. For now, it’s up to each one of us to remain hypervigilant, aware of anything that seems amiss.

Don’t be afraid to speak up on behalf of a child. It could save a life.

Sue Page

Executive director

The Children’s Center of the Antelope Valley


Liar in chief

I grew up in the Midwest. I was taught not to tell a lie and that no one likes a liar. If you lie you will cheat, if you cheat you will steal and if you steal you will kill.

The liar in chief stated on national TV he could shoot someone and not lose any votes. I guess he was right because 74 million people voted for the liar in chief in the last election. So I guess the liar in chief was correct. He could shoot someone and not lose any votes as demonstrated during the attempted coup at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Being responsible for the riots at the Capitol building in which seven people died including three police officers; two died by suicide after the riots, the liar in chief was impeached for the second time. He should have been held responsible for these deaths however as he stated, he could kill and still have votes from his supporters.

The murder of policeman killed was not introduced during the impeachment proceedings; I wonder why. I would like the liar in chief supporters to tell us what they say to their kids and grandkids when they hear the lies on national TV. Some of his famous lies are locking up Hillary, birther, election fraud and Mexico is paying for the wall. I’m looking forward to hearing from his supporters.

William A. Collins III


Greener pastures?

Judging from recent weather reports, it looks like those right thinking folks who left California for greener pastures are also weathering the storms and all that comes with them.

Lower taxes, lower temperatures and lower functioning infrastructures. But who’s complaining? The restaurants are open — if you can get to one. More importantly, who needs a mask when you have to double wrap your whole body. Beach weather is our forecast this weekend.

Pat Williams


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