Told you so

In September 2020 I wrote an opinion warning that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris if elected intended on classifying semiautomatic weapons as assault weapons, to remove them from law abiding citizens.

H.R 127 proposed by Jackson Lee Democrat from Texas is moving through the House of Representatives. It states:

Everyone who owns a weapon must register it with the Attorney General and have a license to possess weapons and or ammunition.

The database of who owns weapons would be available to the public.

Applying for a license would require the applicant at their expense to get psychological evaluation, including interviews of everyone in the household, ex-spouses and two associates.

Anyone issued a license must pay the Attorney General $800 a year for liability insurance.

You must be 21 to get a license, therefore those 18 to 21 who legally own weapons must surrender those weapons to the government.

You must notify the Attorney General to loan your weapon and get approval.

Any treatment for mental health, substance abuse, alcohol or brain disease including cancer you will never be able to get a license.

Licenses are only good for a few years and must go through process again.

Any infraction is subject to minimum 10 - 25 years in prison and fines of $50,000 - $150,000.

Assault style weapons such as a folding stock require an additional license.

Any weapon with bore over .50 cal are illegal therefore all shotguns except .410 are banned.

Low- or middle-income law abiding Americans who can’t afford $800 a year cannot own weapons.

Joe Biden has stated DUI’s are not serious crimes warranting deportation of illegals, but under this bill you could go to jail for 10 years.

If you don’t believe this read it for yourself at

Mike DeBry


Addressing the ‘nonsense’

In an opinion letter that was captioned “Nonsense,” AVP, 02/12/21, Richard Skidmore opined, “… Congressional Democrats and Republicans think that Trump … is wicked and also believe:”

1. There are more than two genders — The link opens to the article, “64 Terms That Describe Gender Identities and Expression.”

2. Abortion on demand is justified — Trump distanced himself from the no-exceptions bans promoted by Right to Lifers. “I am strongly Pro-Life, with the three exceptions — Rape, Incest and protecting the Life of the mother”, Trump tweeted on May 18.

3. Guns kill people — The gun lobby’s mantra, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, may work as a NRA recruitment tool, but guns undeniably kill people.

4. Illegal immigrants aren’t illegal — Who believes that, Mr. Skidmore?

5. Obamacare is working and lowers healthcare insurance costs and the cost of healthcare. — “Did The ACA Lower Americans’ Financial Barriers To Health Care?”

6. High taxes are good — Who believes that, Mr. Skidmore?

7. Disrespecting the National Anthem is OK — There are many Veterans who disagree.

8. Without retyping Mr. Skidmore’s comment, VP Kamala Harris was born in Oakland on 10/20/1964; she is a natural born US citizen, and eligible to hold office.

9. Climate change is real—- “I’m a conservative Republican. Climate change is real.” Rep. Francis Rooney (R-Florida), 09/11/2019.

Scott Evans

Los Angeles


The impeachment trial is over the events of the day were abhorrent violence which raises Capitol security questions.  

When will and who will investigate capital security on that fateful day and what will be implemented to prevent a reoccurrence? The rally and Trump speech was a planned, advertised event not something that just popped up.  

Riots occurred in DC all summer and fall so why was DC not prepared? Speaker Pelosi and Leader McConnell are responsible for the Capitol Police who were completely out manned, why did these two congressional leaders allow that to happen?  

The FBI spends untold millions on intelligence gathering and yet DC was completely unprepared for the events of the day, why? President Biden just days ago gave FBI Director Wray a vote of confidence, one or both guys are delusional. The mayor of DC is responsible for the DC Police who were equally unprepared, why? Thus far, the only one held accountable is the Capitol Hill Chief of Police but he is just the low hanging fruit and easily dismissed.  

If the investigation is a standard congressional investigation it will take at least a year, cost millions, and produce meaningless results.

Curt Redecker


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