‘Stalinist’ legislation

With all of the distractions, have any of you had the time to evaluate Nancy Pelosi’s signature piece of legislation, H.R 1?  

The possibility that this bill becomes law should be concerning to every reader.

The first of several terrible policies contained in H.R. 1 includes the provision that election campaigns will be funded with taxpayer money. This would occur at the rate of six-to-one on political contributions up to $200. While most contributions are modest, millions in taxes could be redirected from, for example, infrastructure funding, to campaign coffers.

Another component of this proposal is that it would federalize our election processes currently run by the states. While this provision appears to be a violation of the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution, D.C. politicians would be deciding who represents the citizenry in Washington.

Currently, states have the right to determine who is eligible to vote. The restriction of that right, particularly as it applies to felons, is authorized by the Fourteenth Amendment. H.R. 1 would immediately restore voting rights to felons upon release. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but the consequences of this move is frightening to me.

Additional provisions of H.R. 1 includes the automatic registration of ineligible voters, unchecked voter identification and no accountability in the vote counting process. At a time when at least half of America is deeply concerned about the sanctity of our elections, how will these elements alleviate that anxiety?

All considered, it appears that H.R. 1 is intended to increase the power of those currently in Washington. It is Stalinist in more ways than one, not the least of which is that it will cement the belief that it is not the voter who determines who represents but those who count the votes.

William Moore



Thank you Gary Hansen. What you said which is suggested at the top of the opinion page in each Opinion pg of the VP, is “Voice your Thoughts.” Thank you very much for your opinion today.

Ann Gassaway


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