Wait, another dictator?

We are getting a small taste of things to come for America after just 3 weeks under Biden. I could see it now millions of Democrats celebrating dancing in the streets over ...

1. Higher unemployment in America with lower unemployment in China.

2. Higher taxes across the board.

3. Dependency on middle east oil again and with it higher gas prices and possible middle east conflicts.

4. Army Nation Guard Troops with police state tactics in Washington D.C. Democrats flexing its power as a show of force.

5. Re-join the Paris accord while China and India will remain the worlds worst polluters.

6. Re-join the China controlled World Health Organization which was so helpful with COVID-19.

7. Abortion on demand at tax payers expense.

8. Stopped building the border wall. 11 Iranians were arrested entering the U.S illegally by our Border Patrol.

Signing all these executive orders just like a dictator with much more to come, how is America to benefit? I could see it now with more to come in destroying America as we know it from the inside out.

Miguel Rios


Joining the unemployed

I suspect some Keystone pipeline workers voted for President Biden and are now unemployed.

Alicia Avila


Tomato, tohmato?

With the violent attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, by thousands of Trump supporters attempting to overthrow the U.S. government and kill all the Democratic members of the House and Senate, even including Republican Vice President Mike Pence, it looks like Donal Trump’s Republican Party may be rapidly becoming the political party of Benedict Arnold.

Marty Scepan


Russian ‘law and order’

Noticed that thousands arrested at Russia protests on 2-1-21 front page of AV Press.

A very marked difference than nothing. No one arrested this past summer, as some of America’s largest cities were burned, razed and looted, hundreds of cops assaulted. Didn’t see any Russian city looted or burned.

Apparently, law and order still rules in some countries, no matter who’s in office.

The Ruskies did it the way the BLM and Antifa should have, then the liberal press would have not lied about peaceful protests.

Oh, I have asked in print for some of our liberal friends to go to Portland or Seattle, go downtown at night then if they get out alive, to report on what they saw. That was a few months ago, still no first person report.

Yet, still these folk say peaceful while demanding Trump’s head. Thank God that laws are applied, equally, unless you are a left, liberal, then it is not applied at all.

Skip Thacker


Doesn’t understand

It’s difficult to understand why the Democrats are going forward with Trump’s impeachment after he is already out of office.

Not only were there several Democrats who said worse things (i.e. Pelosi, Schumer, Booker, Waters, etc.) who haven’t even been threatened with impeachment, but there also has been no censure or removal from committee or any other kind of reprimand.

Impeachment is used to remove someone from office. From what office are they going to remove Trump?

It’s this kind of idiocy that keeps citizens who have a reasonable amount of common sense from joining the Democratic Party.

Norm Wiggins


And he wept

I have been watching the Impeachment Trial and wept.

A lifetime Republican.

Ken Walker


Take that

Mitchell Seyfer, thank you a gazillion times. Here I was, thinking a total lack of interest and a blatant disregard for today’s socializing technology was a disease of epic proportion, and I the only person on earth to be afflicted.

Bless you, Mr. Seyfer. Hah! I don’t even own a computer. Take that world!

Irma Carroll Lindsay


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